Nagarjuna Not Interested In Politics: Amala

There were speculations in social media that Nagarjuna is going to join the YSRCP which was clarified by Amala on Tuesday. She said Nagarjuna is not at all interested in politics.

Hyderabad: Actor Nagarjuna has the habit of moving close with all political leaders. Even when late YSR was CM, Nagarjuna acted in ads for Congress party. This might be one of the reasons for false speculations in social media for past few days that Nagarjuna will join YSRCP in coming days.

As this speculation is moving too far day by day, Amala came forward with a statement today.

a�?Plz dona��t believe the rumours in social media. Nagarjuna has no intentions to join politics. He is not interested in any particular political party or leader. We will arrange a press meet and reveal it if at all there is an idea and there is no intentions of keeping it secret,” said Nagarjuna’s wife Amala in a press statement.

In few websites, they even came forward by saying Jagan has reserved Parliamentary seat for Nagarjuna . It is better for social media to stop false speculations and maintain healthy competition instead of defaming celebrities.

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