When Naga Chaitanya Made A Call To Samantha…Hear The Sweet Conversation

The ardent fans of Naga Chaitanya and Samanth have been swallowing every bit of conversation between them. Here is one such episode.

Hyderabad: We all know that Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are going to be married in October. Meanwhile, readers enjoyed the conversation between these two lovers which happened in a TV show KTUC anchored by Pradeep. Rakul preet and Naga Chaitanya participated in the show for the promo of Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam.

Here is the conversation::
Naga Chaitanya: Prapanchamlo intha mandi Ammayilu unna ,nenu Samne enduku love chesanu?, these lines are taken from his previous flick Yee Maya Chesave in which dialogue will be a�? Prapanchamlo intha mandi ammayilu unna nenu Jesseyne enduku preminchanua�?.
Samantha’s reply: a�? Becoz Nenu Options Ivvaledua�?
Naga Chaitanya: a�?Inko Option Voddulea�?.
Samantha ended the call by saying a�?Sweet, I love Youa�?.

This phone conversation became viral in social media and Naga Chaitanya’s and Samantha’s fans are happy to hear this conversation between two sweethearts who are getting together in the month of October.

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