Mystery Shrouds The Deaths In Tamil Nadu

After two accidents and a death of one of the members of the Kodanad estate robbery shocked people in Tamil Nadu, a close aide of Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar was found dead on his farm on Monday.

Chennai: Spate of deaths in Tamil Nadu linked to AIADMK is giving rise to many suspicions.  While police claim that there is no conspiracy behind these deaths, distrust is lingering in the minds of people.

Two people linked to Kodanad estate heist met with accident mysteriously. The estate belongs to former Chief Minister late J Jayalalithaa.

The police claim that Kangaraj, who worked as a driver there for some time at the estate, was the mastermind behind the robbery attempt. Sayan aided him. Both Kanagaraj and Sayan met with an accident in separate places at different times. While Kanagaraj died, Sayan is recuperating in a hospital.

These incidents shocked everybody, but the police say that there is no conspiracy behind the accidents, and that they are purely coincidental. They are yet to get details from Sayan about the planning and who the mastermind was.

However, it appears they seem to have come to a conclusion, that there is no conspiracy.

Now, Tamil Nadu Health Minister C Vijaya Bhaskar’s aide was found dead.  Reports say that R Subramaniam, 58, collapsed when he was visiting his farm in Namakkal on Monday. Police sources said that they are waiting for post-mortem report to determine how he died, but suspect that Subrmaniam took poison due to the stress caused by the interrogation by tax officials.

When tax officials raided the minister’s residence last month, they found that 89 crores in cash were paid to voters for their support for RK Nagar poll. The officials also seized crucial documents that led to countermanding of the election.

The tax officials also searched the properties of Subramaniam, who is also a close aide to the minister. As he was abroad during that time, he returned last week for interrogation. The officials called the minister and his wife for questioning, though they haven’t made any arrest.

After the RK Nagar election was countermanded, the AIADMK (Amma) faction leader and nephew of Sasikala was arrested in cash for symbol scam. He allegedly tried to bribe an Election Commission official to get the party official symbol of ‘two leaves.’ While the investigation was going on, the Enforcement Directorate booked a case against him for money laundering.

As though it’s not enough, the tax officials last week told a TV channel that mining baron J Sekhar Reddy, who was arrested prior to all these paid ministers and bureaucrats on giving bribes of nearly 400 crores.

When the tax officials raided Sekhar Reddy’s properties in December, they found 140 crores in cash. He has been charged with money laundering and other financial crimes. In this connection, the then Chief Secretary Rama Mohan Rao’s residence was also searched. Later, he was removed from his post.

After the death of party Supremo J Jayalalithaa, chaos ensued in the party leading to its split. Presently Palaniswami, who belongs to Sasikala (a close aide of Jayalalithaa), is the chief minister.

As crores of illegal incomes are involved, these deaths are raising many questions. It is also said that the police in Tamil Nadu were divided into pro and anti-Sasikala. In this context, one cannot completely believe what they are saying. Especially, regarding the Kodanad estate heist related deaths.

Earlier too, Tamil Nadu has seen such deaths. At the height of 2G-scam controversy in March 2011, an aide of A Raja, who was accused in the scam, was found hanging at his Chennai house.  After nearly five years, two youth surfaced claiming that they have killed Sadiq Batcha, a close aide of A Raja and MD of a real estate firm. With such instances glaringly evident, it is hard to believe that these deaths are coincidental.

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