Mysoora Reddy files PIL against banks

Hyderabad:A�A Public Interest Litigation case (PIL) was filed on Monday in the Hyderabad High Court against the banksa�� refusal to disburse to the customers the required amounts from their own bank accounts.

Former minister M.V. Mysoora Reddy filed the PIL expressing grave concern and anguish over people being put to innumerable hardships and agony by the banks not releasing to account holders their own money with the banks. He pointed out that in the last three weeks, following the demonetization of big notes, the customers, especially middle and working class besides petty businessmen and traders, have been unable to draw their own money deposited with the banks. He pleaded with the court for necessary directions to provide the required relief to the account holders to have access to their own money with the banks.

Admitting the PIL, the High Court posted the case for hearingA�for Tuesday. -NSS

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