Muthoot Finance Robbery Attempt: Police Visit To Gujarat Goes In Vain

Investigation into Muthoot Finance robbery attempt at Mailardevpally appears to have ground to a halt. The owner of the vehicle, which was used in the attempt, has been traced to Gujarat. But he had reported the vehicle as having been stolen more than six months ago.
Muthoot Finance Robbery Attempt: Police Visit To Gujarat Goes In Vain

Hyderabad: Shocking details have emerging following investigation into the robbery attempt at Muthoot Finance in Mailardevpally on Hyderabad City outskirts on July 4, 2017.

A Cyberabad Police team had gone to Valsad in Gujarat to trace the owner of the vehicle that was used in the attempted robbery. The Valsad address emerged basis the chassis number of the vehicle. Its number plate was, however, found to be fake.

Police had suspected that the owner, Vinod Purohit, under whose name the vehicle was registered, may know something about the robbers. On interrogation, they realised that in December last, he had reported to the local police that his vehicle had been stolen. No case was registered in the local police station, as they suspected that local financiers may have seized the vehicle because Vinod had not paid his installments regularly. Vinod had taken a loan to purchase the vehicle in 2012.

The local police also did not issue a certificate to Vinod regarding his vehiclea��s theft even though he had gone to the police station several times. In fact, the victim has reportedly told the Cyberabad police that the local police demanded Rs. 30,000 to issue the certificate. Vinod is said to have fallen ill from tension arising from his inability to pay his vehicle installments to financiers.

Meanwhile, Cyberabad Police have circulated pictures of the accused robbers among bus and train personnel who travel regularly to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. They are also trying to match the fingerprints they have secured from Muthoot Finance site with those available with the Fingerprintsa�� Bureau. If the accused were involved in similar cases earlier, it would become easy to identify them.

The police team, which went to Gujarat as part of its investigation, returnedA�on Sunday. As of now, the investigation appears to be leading nowhere.

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