Muslims have Pakistan to go to, where will Jains go?

  • Sena criticizes Jains demand for a four day ban on meat sale

Lata Jain

The request for a ban on meat selling by Jain community during Paryushan Parva an eight day period of fasting has taken an ugly turn after a four day ban by the authorities in Mumbai.

Paryushan Parva an eight-day period during which members of the Jain community observes fast and pray. But this decision of BMC has trigged a debate on religious sentiments and individual freedom.

The Shiv Sena has strongly criticized the Jain community for insisting on a ban on meat during Paryushan Parva, warning it not to take on the a�?sons of the soila�? with such demands. Shiv Sena asked Jains to rein in their a�?fanaticisma�?. If you mess with the sons of the soil, you will have to eat dirt. It will not take much time to burn down your financial empire,a�? the editorial said. Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray is Saamnaa��s editorial chief.

The BJPa��s alliance partner Shiv Sena lambasted the move.A� a�?Who gave Jains the right to decide what others should eat? Majority of Indians is non-vegetarians and their rights should not be curbed,a�? Sena MP Sanjay Raut said.

Strongly condemning the decision, Sanjay Nirupam, president of the Mumbai Congress, said, a�?Muslims sacrifice buffaloes during Bakri-Eid. Will the government also keep religious sentiments of the Muslims in mind and allow them to sacrifice buffaloes keeping in view their religious sentiments?a�? Jains should stop this showbiz.

An editorial published in the Shiv Senaa��s mouthpiece Saamna criticized the Jains and said a�?Jains must not follow the path of Muslims and become fanatics. At least Muslims have Pakistan to go to. Where will the Jains go?a�?

A group in the Jain Community has been pushing for a ban on slaughter of animals during Paryushan Parva, citing their religiona��s emphasis on non-violence. This doctrine of non violence has been criticized by the Shiv Sena .a�?This is nothing but hypocrisy and reminded them of the 1992-93 riots.

The Sena protected Jains and their businesses from mobs. We would like to remind them that Hordes of Jains queued up outside Matoshree, wanting to thank Balasaheb for this. Why didna��t they remember this doctrine of non-violence then?a�? the editorial stated.

The editorial asked, a�?If a terrorist like Ajmal A�Kasab of LeT was to enter Mumbai during this period, would a Jain protect him from being killed and instead offer up his own life?a�?This is all hypocrisy.

Meanwhile the Jammu and Kashmir high court ordered state police on to ensure strict implementation of a colonial-era law banning the sale of beef after a petitioner argued the slaughter of bovine animals hurt the sentiments of some communities.

The HC’s order comes as the Rajasthan government also ordered a three-day ban on sale of meat during Jain festivals this month.

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