Mulayam Slams Akhilesh For Alliance With Congress, Hints At New Party

Lucknow:A�Mulayam Singh Yadav, patriarch of Samajwadi Party, has become an embarrassment for his son and former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Mulayama��s statement in Mainpuri, his hometown, the other day that he has been insulted by his son for five years and that he has never been insulted that way in his life so far has sent confused signals to the Yadav parivar. Akhilesh, who is yet to recover from the humiliating defeat handed over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Feb-March 2017 Assembly elections, has been finding it difficult to wriggle out of the past and chart a new, bold and innovative future course. Akhilesh has to contend with his father Mulayam Singh and Uncle Shivpal Yadav while keeping his flock together.

Mulayam Singh repeated that it is a tragedy that the SP had an electoral understanding with the Congress which tried to kill him and physically attacked him thrice. He said Prime Minister Modi was right when he asked in an election rally, a�?How can Akhilesh who did not respect his father command respect from the people.a�? A�Mulayam said he is contemplating floating a political party on his own. The 77-year old patriarch said he would consult the people before taking a final decision.

Those who promoted the idea of alliance with the Congress, and who insist that Akhilesh should lead the Grand Alliance in 2019 elections in UP, have been bemoaning that Akhilesh has not learnt any lessons from the defeat. His continued projection of Yadav leaders in all the party positions A�has irked the Congress leaders as well as the well-wishers. The SP in Lok Sabha is led by Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesha��s uncle Ram Gopal Yadav is the leader of the party in Rajya Sabha. In Lucknow, Akhilesh appointed himself as the leader of the joint legislature party while appointing another Yadav, Ram Govind Chowdary, as the floor leader of SP in Assembly. They insist that there is need to shake off the impression that SP is a party A�of Yadavs and for Yadavs and by Yadavs. This perception was exploited to the hilt by Modi in the election campaign. There is need to win over the OBCs like Kurmis and others if the proposed Grand Alliance has to beat the BJP at its own game. If the party remains under the leadership of Yadavs only without accommodating other OBC groups, it will be difficult to cut into the newly formed BJP vote-bank.

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