Mulayam promotes Amar Singh

  • Latest Twist Corners Akhilesh

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party (SP) saga has been taking turns and twists confusing the political observers across the country. The latest twist is a promotion to the beleaguered Thakur and Mulayam’s friend Amar Singh. Mulayam, the party supremo, has given promotion to the person who was blamed for the rift between Mulayam’s younger brother Shivpal Yadav and son Akhilesh Yadav. The rift has led to a full scale political crisis threatening a breakup of the Yadav clan and the Samajwadi Party. Amar Singh was promoted as National General Secretary of the SP on Tuesday.A�

Mulayam had to rush to Lucknow from Delhi last week in a firefighting mode. He had a series of meetings with his brother, son and cousin Ramgopal Yadav, Member of Rajya Sabha. But the truce the patriarch had brokered did not last long. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav had given portfolios back to his uncle Shivpal except the PWD. On Mulayam’s instructions, Shivpal had withdrawn his resignation letter and agreed to function as the president of UP unit of the SP. The first step taken by Shivpal after resuming the position of party president was to suspend half a dozen MLAs who were involved in organising a rally in support of the chief minister. Shivpal had also acted against a close relative of Ramgopal Yadav who supported the CM. Mulayam publicly rebuked his son saying that Akhilesh became chief minister just because he happened to be his son. A situation is gradually developing in which the young chief minister would be forced to take a hard decision to split the party by parting ways with his father.

Both Akhilesh and Ramgopal blamed the ‘outsider’ Amar Singh for the crisis and hinted at sacking him. But it appears as though the seniors stuck together and tried to marginalise the young and dynamic CM. The result is the promotion for Amar Singh.

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