Mudragada To Reattempt His Padayatra On August 3

The Kapu leader has been holding the protest every day since his yatra was foiled by the police on July 26. He makes an attempt to walk, but the police stop him. Will he be able to break the routine this time around?

Kirlampudi: Kapu leader and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham and his team is getting ready for the proposed Chalo Amaravati padayatra fromA�August 3.

The programme was initially planned for July 26 and a route map too was prepared by the Kapu JAC leaders to reach Amaravati walking through the East, West Godavari and Krishna Districts. However, the police have spoiled his yatra on the ground that he did not apply for the permission.

A massive contingent of police was posted in this small village. Closed circuit cameras and drones were also deployed to keep a watch on the movements of the Kapu leaders.

Finally, Mudragada was put under house arrest first for 24 hours and later for a week. The government has denied to have put him under house arrest, despite the police declaring it. The house arrest is scheduled to end on August 2 evening.

a�?The house arrest, whether the government agrees or not, is going to end on August 2,a�? said senior Kapu leader Naraharisetti Narasimha Rao at Vijayawada. a�?He (Mudragada) was not allowed to walk out of his home for all these days, though the government claimed that he was free to go anywhere and not to Amaravati.a�?

a�?Now, onA�August 3, we are planning to make another attempt to resume our Chalo Amaravati walk, he said. If the police allow it, we will continue and if not, we will continue to protest staying at home.a�?

It is more than three years that this government has come to power, and it is more than 18 months that this government has constituted Justice Manjunatha Commission to study the Kapu reservation issue. Hardly one-and-a-half years is left for this government to fulfill its promise of giving reservations to the Kapus as promised during the elections.

The Kapu leaders have been pressing the government to speed up the process and give reservations. But, the process continues to elude reservations benefit to the community, and it irks them.

The Kapu leaders say that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is not ready to give the reservations and only wants to use it for the next election once again. However, the Kapus are unwilling to wait any more and are said to be moving close to the BJP, which is distancing itself from the TDP in the State.

If Kapus distanced themselves from TDP, it would be difficult for Naidu to retain his power in the 2019 elections, as it was only the Kapus who have played a key role in his 2014 election victory.

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