Mudragada Cautions Pawan Kalyan On His Friendship With Naidu

Mudragada writes an open letter to Pawan Kalyan cautioning him against Chandrababu Naidu. Both belong to the same community, but Pawan says he wona��t fight for the caste system.

Kirlampudi: Kapu movement leader Murdragada Padmanabham suggested Jana Sena Chief Pawan KalyanA�on TuesdayA�not to degrade himself and his reputation by sailing with AP CM A�Chandrababu Naidu. He also advised him not to believe in Naidua��s lies. Mudragada, who was not allowed to take upA�PadayatraA�from Kirlampudi,A�wrote an open letter to Pawan Kalyan.

Mudragada suggested the following in his open letter to Pawan Kalyan:

a�?Ia��ve seen in his pet daily that the High Court had struck down GO 30 passed by the then Chief Minister Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy on 25-8-1994 regarding my community. I also came to know that the CM brought it to your notice that the activists are demanding for a GO on BC reservations. But Eenadu reported on 07-04-1995 that the court in its verdict said that GO 30 was released properly and correctly.

Minister Acham Naidu last year promised to implement reservations after obtaining BC Commission report. But 18 months have passed away after the appointment of the Commission. It has been three years since TDP has come to power. But the promise is not fulfilled till now. They are asking us to patience for seven months and attacking us on that premise.A� They are not feeling ashamed to lie again and again.

My community is feeling embarrassed to hear their lies. Please realize that their assurances are like bubbles. Dona��t degrade yourself and your reputation by sailing with him believing Naidu.a�?

Meanwhile, Pavan Kalyan who also belongs to the same community appears not willing to sail with Mudragada. As both leaders hail from the same caste, it is believed that both the leaders are trying to gain the same ground, and hence might have to compete for the same pie. In this context, both the leaders are not taking up the fight together. There was no comment from Pawan supporting Mudragada when he was put under house arrest.

While Mudragada has been going overboard on the issue, Pawan has been following a balanced approach, and trying not jumping into the issue.

Earlier, when violence broke out at Kapu Garjana, held by Mudragada, the actor turned politician said, a�?I am deeply pained with the incident at Tuni.A�Kapus were recognized as a backward class in North Andhra, in Telangana, but not in Rayalaseema and coastal parts.a�?

a�?To achieve their rights, Kapus have to act in a methodical manner.A�I dona��t fight for caste system. I fight for people at large.a�?A�Pawan said.

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