Mudragada Blasts Naidu

  • Challenges toA�organiseA�a meet on lines of Tuni

Rajamahendravaram (EG): Mudragada Padmanabham, leader of the Kapu community, told media persons here on Sunday that every citizen has a right to express his views and any attempt to suppress this freedom is to be condemned. Mudragada, speaking after the meeting of Kapu JAC, has expressed his anger at the attempts by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu to persuade some A�Kapu leaders to speak bad of him. The CM has been orchestrating a campaign saying that Mudragada is a villain on the part of Kapus, he said. Mudragada has warned Naidu not to indulge in creating rift between the leaders of the Kapu community. He said any such attempt would boomerang against the TDP chief. a�?We will not tolerate any attempt to suppress the Kapu movementa��, Mudragada declared.

He alleged that the CM is trying to portray him as a terrorist. Fearing the consequences of a�?Note for Votea�� case, Naidu has fled Hyderabad and is working from Vijayawada, the Kapu leader commented. The CM has given up attempts to get the special status and has been trying to take our lands by force in order to sell them away for profits. Naidu has pledged the special status demand to Delhi and the lands to Singapore, he criticized. He challenged Naidu to organize a meeting as big as the meeting he organized at Tuni some months ago. Giving up the movement in the middle and letting down the political workers who depended on him is against his grain, he said.

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