Much Pampered Children Of The Rich Are Most Spoiled


Amaravati: The arrest of a senior IAS officer and his son in connection with murder of their driver in Hyderabad brings to the fore once again the mischievous or rather criminal behaviour of some of the much pampered children of the rich families, particularly during the past one decade. Dharavat Venkata Sukruth, son of IAS officer Dharavat Venkateswara Rao, who are now arrested by the Hyderabad police, is not the only son involved in crime or races leading to death in the recent past.

In 2011 December, Komatireddy Venkata Reddya��s son Prateek Reddy, a B Tech first year student, was one among the three, including a son of a DSP, who were killed in a road accident due to over speed of the Skoda Car in which they were travelling. Two months before this, in September 2011, cricketer Mohmmad Azaruddina��s son Mohmmad Ayazuddin died in a road accident. There are several such incidents reported over the years. Ravela Susheel, son of Minister Ravela Kishore Babu was accused in a case of misbehaviour with a woman on the road side.

Bonda Siddharth, son of MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao, was arrested in a road accident case in which a youth died. The MLAs another son, Ravi Teja, was accused of taking out a motor cycle rally in Vijayawada in violation of the traffic rules scaring everyone on the road in May 2015. A Congress legislator T Raghumurthy from Karnataka lost his son Abhishek in a road accident near Bengaluru in 2016. Abhishek was celebrating his birthday in the car in a long drive on the highway.

These are only a few names that the VIPs children are involved in accidents or criminal cases. Hyderabad and Bengaluru or any other metropolitan city finds at least one VIP son every day in drunken drive, the cases that go unregistered.

The Hyderabad-IAS officera��s son consumed liquor along with his car driver whom he had later killed following a minor scuffle. When the child killed the driver in an inebriated condition, the father failed to correct it. Rather he had tried to suppress the facts and had even reportedly guided his son to remove the evidences, including the drivera��s body.

All this is because of the parents pampering the children or not having a watch on them. A�In 1989, Bruce McIntosh coined the term the “spoiled child syndrome”.A�The syndrome is characterized by “excessive, self-cantered, and immature behavior”.

It includes lack of consideration for other people recurrentA�temper tantrums, an inability to handle theA�delay of gratification, demands for having one’s own way,A�andA�manipulationA�to get their way. In the run to be part of the growing global culture or the western culture, the parents are allowing the children to go as they want. The parental watch is missing in all these cases. a�?Dona��t put restrictions on them, they are younga�?, a�?Dona��t spy on thema�? and a�?Let them have funa�? are the common statements that these parents make in home, giving a lot of unguarded freedom to the youth.


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