Much Ado about being serious

The former first damaad of India has mostly been on news for wrong reasons; apart from when he is dispensing gyaan on being fit. One such incident happened this weekend, when a journalist posed questions on his land deals that evoked unprecedented reaction as Robert Vadra went repeatedly responding to this scribe with one question a�� a�?Are you serious?a�� The incident happened during the inauguration of his gym, when he snapped at the reporter – “Are you serious? Are you serious?a�? adding, “Are you nuts? What is wrong with you?” And if that was not enough fodder for media, he made it better by trying to get the reporter to delete the footage.

And the experts at making mountains out of mole hills went gaga over the incident and the comments went from being routine to silly and plain amusing. An example of the over reaction is a popular TV commentator proclaiming that the Congress has not learnt from emergency. A�”The Emergency lasted from 1975 to 1977 and your Congress party should have learnt the lesson from what happened after the Emergency. I am comparing this directly to the Emergency because this man behaved worse than Sanjay Gandhi did during the Emergency.” And no prizes for guessing the TV celebrity who said these golden words!

There were of course prompt reactions from the BJP wing – BJP is very clear to look into all the misdeeds of the previous Haryana government. I think Robert Vadra stands exposed. Today, the way he shoved the mike to the journalist only reveals that there is something fishy which must be looked into – Shaina NC, BJP Leader

a�?Allegations do not mean you push mike away, press should be allowed to ask questions. Clarification doesn’t justify misbehavior.a�? a�� Ashutosh, Aam Aadmi Party

“Amazed by the media attention given to a minor incident involving Robert Vadhra. Why is a private citizen being unnecessarily hounded?a�? a�� Digvijay Singh, Congress

“This is not a minor incident, assaulting journalism is monarchial highhandedness and it is not sober to do so in a democracy. It is an irony that Digvijay Singh says that whatever Mr. Vadra did with the journalist friend was a minor incident” – Sambit Patr, BJP spokesperson

For one, this Mr Vadra, who loves the media and leaves no chance of getting attention, should learn to face any question that he will have to face in the process.

a�?Are you seriousa�? has become a trending topic on twitter in India. The crazy flow of jokes, memes, picture jokes, and tweets has made #AreYouSerious, an online sensation.

By using hash tag #AreYouSerious, many also directed the sarcasm towards other politicians and celebrities. Here are some amusing trolls:

Baba Ramdev: Raabert beta, you should keep your cool by doing anulom-vilom for 20 minutes every day. Do you think we should have an International Yoga Day, as suggested by PM Modi?
Vadra: Are you serious?

Arvind Kejriwal: You know Aam Aadmi Party has put 300crore worth of land scam on your head. But my question is: which is your favourite fruit?
Vadra: Are you serious? (Bloody mango people!)

Sanjay Jha: Vadra sirji, you are looking fitter by the day hunh… but let me tell you something… why shove a poor reporter? Next time try assaulting Arnab Goswami.
Vadra: Are you serious?

Sonam Kapoor: You know your pink trousers have become passe? Why don’t you watch my latest film Khoobsoorat and get fashion inspiration?
Vadra: Are you serious?

Rahul Gandhi: Hey Jiju, Diggi suggested that I should be the next Congress President, what do you think?
Vadra: Are you serious?

Narendra Modi: RobertA�beta, batao, akal badi yaan bhains?
Vadra: Are you serious?

Some of the twitterrati outdid others –

@puneetpossible – The only Sikh who took revenge for 1984 sikh riots. Dr Manmohan Singh. He slowly destroyed Congress in ten years (Sic)

@radhika_khera – #Modi thundered, a�?give me 100 days as PM, Ia��ll bring black money stashed in foreign banks, if I fail, hang me.a�?

One thing is clear a�� we now know a�� Robert Vadra Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai?

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