MP Kesineni Nani Lashes At RTA Officials

TDP MP Kesineni Nani once again flayed RTA officials in Vijayawada for illegal registrations and fake fitness certificates.

Vijayawada: MP kesineni Nani was in news once again. He lashed out RTA officials in Vijayawada by saying that they are giving fitness certificate for the buses even when manufacturing is going on. He also flayed by saying few buses which are registered in Arunachal Pradesh, Pondicherry are running in Andhra Pradesh illegally.

Kesineni said these buses are main reasons for the accidents. Nani , a few months back was in controversy after he almost tried to assault transport Commissioner Subramnyam along with MLA Bonda Uma. This topic created tremors in the Assembly and CM Naidu became serious on these leaders after he faced criticism from people and media for no action against them.

Nani apologised to Transport Commissioner after he met Naidu , and decided to close his travels which was put on the back foot after CM Naidu convinced MP.

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