Monthly statuses on mega projects digitally: Chandrababu

HYDERABAD: To give a thrust to investments in the state, Andhra Pradesh Government is looking at digitizing all industries sector-wise.

At a review meeting on State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) here today, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu asked the Industries Department to give a monthly update on the status of new projects in the state.A�The SIPB will meet once every month to review the progress of pending applications, challenges, grounding of projects and status of projects discussed during the chief ministera��s tours (national and foreign).

a�?The Economic Development Board can prepare feasibility reports of projects,a�? Naidu said.

Reviewing mega projects in the state, Naidu was informed that seven mega projects worth total investments of 2,003 rupees crore would provide 35,700 jobs in the state.

The seven mega projects are Mohan Spintex (textile project), Indian Designs (textile & garmenting project), Divis Laboratories (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients project in Kakinada), Vayhan Coffee (Premium instant coffee plant), Jain Irrigation (Mega Food Park), Greentech Industries (auto-components unit) and NHK Springs India (ancillary auto-components unit of iSuzu Motors India).

Elaborating on the performance of the single-desk clearance after it became operational on May 2, 2015, the chief minister was informed that they have cleared 216 applications of the total 417. Of the total applications, 148 were pending while the remaining were beyond the purview of the single-desk.

The single-desk portal which grants clearances to projects was being linked to CM core dashboard where the chief minister can monitor the status of clearances in real-time.A�Naidu said that even district projects should be integrated into the SIPB, where district collectors too grant clearances without any hassles for investors.

Andhra Pradesh should be the best state in the a�?ease of doing businessa�? and be ranked as the best investment destination, the Naidu said. For this, one important aspect is monitoring pollution levels in the industrial areas.

a�?Appoint an officer who will monitor it through his tablet and enter it in the government database. Spot inspections will keep them alert,a�? Naidu added.

On the other hand, the state government is also planning for a Global Investor SummitA�during October 12-14h, on the eve of Hudhud anniversary. The summit will reflect the resurgence of statea��s spirit after the cyclone had battered the coastal areas.

a�?The investment summit will have keynote speakers, discussions on investment opportunities, and other cultural activities. It will also witness awards for local entrepreneurs in various sectors,a�? an official informed the Chief Minister.

Ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Narayana, Pulla Rao, Palle Raghunatha Reddy, Achhan Naidu, and heads of departments were present at the meeting. (NSS)

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  1. hemen parekh says:

    Ease of Doing Business ?

    Here is one of the things that I think is needed :

    Treat MII ( Make In India ) on par with MOM ( Mars Orbital Mission )

    We have all seen MOM control room on TV , with dozens of scientists glued to respective computer screens , monitoring every aspect of the Mission

    And , whenever required , taking ” Course Correction Actions ” in real time

    For MII ( Make In India ) too , we need such Control Rooms

    One at the HUB (in DIPP ) and one each in State Capitals ( Spokes )

    The concerned officers will monitor :


    Who is visiting from where and looking at which pages , and doing what , and for how long …etc


    From server log of B2B web site , monitor which FOREIGN COMPANIES are blasting ( We are interested to talk to you ) messages to which INDIAN COMPANIES


    B2B server sending out ( within ONE MINUTE ) , full details of above-mentioned messages to,

    * Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad to get in touch with the Message-Sending FOREIGN COMPANIES , offering instant help

    * Chief Ministers / Industry Ministers / Industry Commissioners etc of the STATE GOVERNMENTS , where Message-Receiving INDIAN COMPANIES are located ( expect a fierce / competition amongst States to locate project in their States ! )


    Implementation of each project ( above a certain value ) being monitored using PERT technique

    To make MOM a reality , cost the country , some Rs 430 Crores – and time of some 100 scientists

    I believe CONTROL ROOMS ( War Rooms ? ) of Make In India , may not cost more than Rs 43 Crores ( – all put together )

    And some company like Infosys / TCS / Wipro , will be able to construct – and operationalize – such rooms ( hardware and software included ) within 3 months

    Given the challenge to raise our ” Ease of Doing Business ” rank from 142 to 42 , this is the surest / fastest / cheapest method !


    hemen parekh
    13 July 2015

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