Money Lender Assaults, Kidnaps Woman For Not Repaying Loan

Money lenders in Hyderabad, who maintain private armies to threaten and kidnap people who fail to repay the loan, are increasingly becoming a menace with many cases being reported to the police. A law needs to be made to avoid such incidents.

Hyderabad: Before taking a loan from private lenders, ita��s better to think twice. Because the private money lenders in the city are maintaining private armies to threaten and kidnap people who fail to repay the amount within the stipulated time. No mediation, no warning, direct kidnap is the present trend.

On Monday night one such incident took place in the city, where six men kidnapped a woman in a most humiliating manner. Four men dragged a woman on the road and took her in a vehicle. While two men gripped her by arms, two bikes followed them.

But this scene did not give an iota of suspicion to the people who were passing by the road, nor did they care to know what was happening.

This scene had been caught by a CCTV in Hyderabada��s Amberpet area, where the abduction took place.

The footage also showed a worried man running behind those who were dragging the woman.

The same night, a complaint was filed by K Srinivas in Amberpet police station that his wife had been abducted by three men.

The incident was about repayment of a loan taken four years ago from a money lender. K Srinivas and his wife borrowed Rs. 4 lakhs from a money lender, M Srinivas. Due to financial problems they could only repay Rs. 1 lakh so far. The money lender visited the house of K Srinivas many times demanding the repayment of the loan. This time, he brought along some friends- Sai Ram, Raju, Venkat, Swaroop and his minor son when he visited them.

As he did not get his money back on Monday night too, he decided to keep the victim in his custody till her husband paid him back the money taken.

The police used CCTV footage of the incident to find the registration number of the car used to abduct the victim. While four people- two men gripped the woman’s hands, other two followed them on bikes and took her to the car, where two men were already sitting in the car waiting.

The police who immediately swung into action and alerted different toll points in the city, following a tip off on Tuesday, arrested three accused a�� M Srinivas, Sai Ram And Raju from Tarnaka area in the city and rescued the woman. Other three accused were absconding.

A popular website quoted ACP Sudhakar saying, a�?There were people on the road. She said she shouted, but no one came to help.a�?

The three men who have been arrested were booked under relevant sections of IPC.

The victim sustained injuries while the accused dragged her on the road. They also slapped her and beat her up, the police said.

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