Mohan Babu Condemns Pawan Kalyan

Film actor Mohan Babu has joined issue with another actor Pawan Kalyan in the controversy regarding appointment of a North Indian as TTD Executive Officer.

Tirupati: Appointment of TTD EO from the North by Naidua��s government irked a few politicians and religious heads of AP. But Actor Mohan Babu said that there is nothing wrong in appointing ISS officer Anil Kumar Singhal as EO.

Mohan Babu further added that Singhal is a sincere officer with lot of integrity and he is from Andhra cadre and worked as collector for various districts in the undivided AP.

Mohan Babu condemned Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyana��s comments, a�?it is not proper to restrict Lord Balaji to a particular region or language. There is nothing wrong in appointing a non- Telugu speaking officer as TTD EOa�? he said in a statement.

BJP senior leader from Tirupati, Bhanu Prakash Reddy also raised voice against Pawan kalyan. a�?It is better to read the TTD Act before making comments. It is enough if the officer is a Hindu and has faith in Lord Venkateswara as per Act. There is no need to make any fuss. It is better to look at his administration rather than looking at his language,” said Bhanu Prakash.

He further stated that Anil is from India only and not from Pakistan, please remember it, thus pointing fingers at Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan who has been talking about the North-South divide.

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