Modi’s Masterstroke Heats Up AP Politics

The TDP leaders try to downplay the importance of Jagan’s visit by talking about the cases against him.

Amaravati: Telugu Desam party, a longtime ally of the Bharatiya Janata party was shocked by the Machiavellian strategy of Prime Minister Modi. While Chandrababu Naidu was visiting America, Modi gave time to YSRCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy to meet him at Delhi.

This development became unpalatable to Telugu Desam Party leaders who started spitting venom against Jagan at every possible opportunity. There was a lot of ‘hangama’ ensuing Jagan’s meeting with Modi.

The TDP leaders are trying to downplay the importance of Jagan’s visit by talking about the cases against him.

Concerned about the latest developments when he was in America, Naidu went to New Delhi immediately after his America visit. He sent back all the leaders and spent about six hours alone at an anonymous place. With this, the rumours were rife that something serious was happening in Delhi.

Naidu, who criticised Modi vehemently in the past and warned that he would get him arrested if he steps in the state, later befriended the same Modi and became a partner.

There are also concerns among TDP leaders that the BJP at the national level is unhappy about a TDP Minister’s corruption.

The Telugu Desam leaders and ministers are becoming desperate to further brand Jagan as corrupt. The latest amongst the flock to criticise Jaganmohan Reddy is Minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy. He demanded the opposition leader should reveal what people’s problems he discussed with prime minister and president after an uproar about the problems of Mirchi farmers.

Chandramohan Reddy questioned why Jagan, who alleged that BJP was a communal party during elections, decided to support Modi now.

“Did Jagan meet the prime minister for his personal problems or issues of the state? Jagan is not realising on which problems he has to protest.  Jagan did not live in his home State for at least 30 days that is the reason why we are treating him as non-resident Andhraite” he said.

Chandramohan Reddy questioned Jagan’s understanding of farmers’ problems. He also asserted that the State Government would help the Mirchi farmers.

Taking a dig at Jagan, he said that no party in the country is led by an A1 accused and only Jagan has that credit. Asserting that Modi is against corrupt people, Chandramohan Reddy clarified that he would not make corrupt leaders his ally.

Meanwhile, YCP firebrand leader Roja attacked Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu about his Delhi tour. She demanded Naidu to reveal where he went for six hours anonymously.

“Where did Chandrababu go for six hours? Did he go to fall on the feet of Amit Shah or Home Minister?” Roja asked.

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Officers Associations lock horns with Opposition in AP politics


Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh is witnessing a different type of politics these days. The associations of the government employees and officers are raising voice against the Opposition party and openly finding fault with the Opposition. Sitting on the ruling party’s lap, these associations are expressing their discontentment with the Opposition.

It was the Police Officers’ Association the other day that spoke openly against the remarks of Opposition legislator R K Roja against DGP N Sambasiva Rao. It is now the Gazetted Officers’ Association and the IAS officers Association that raised their voices against Leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy who pulled up Krishna district Collector Babu Ahmad in a bus accident that killed 11 passengers the other day. Legislator Roja blamed the DPG for acting as ruling party’s agent in preventing her from attending the Women Parliament held in Vijayawada early February.

She had also filed a case against her detention in the airport by the police. But, when she had an invitation to attend the event and when being a woman, has the right to attend it what was the reason for the police to prevent her is a big question. The event had speakers like Venkaiah Naidu’s daughter and Chandrababu Naidu’s daughter-in-law, both private individuals unlike Roja, who is a peoples’ representative.

She is justified in her remarks as the police or the government cannot deny her chance to speak. What she speaks at the venue is different but the government could have allowed her to speak as the event was organised with the public money.

The police officers, while admitting that they do work under pressures, blamed the legislator through open statements to the media. How can the police spread a red carpet to the women (Venkaiah Naidu’s daughter and Chandrababu Naidu’s daughter-in-law) who are not peoples’ servants, but prevent another woman (Roja), who is elected by the people? And still, the police officers speak against the Opposition party!

The other case is about Leader of Opposition Jaganmohan Reddy’s warning to Krishna district Collector on the bus accident. While admitting that Jaganmohan Reddy was a bit harsh in his remarks at the, it is a fact that it was not for the first time that a Leader of Opposition takes bureaucrats to task. Chandrababu Naidu during his 10 years time as Leader of Opposition had warned the IAS and IPS officers many a time even in hardest terms. “I will see your end”, “I will put you in place”, “You can’t escape from me”, were some of his statements to the officers as Leader of Opposition.

During the Congress rule before the 2014 elections and when he had visited Vijayawada to participate in a protest for flyover at Kanakadurga Temple, Chandrababu Naidu made several hard statements against the police for not allowing him to pass through Ashok Pillar center to reach Kummaripalem junction for the protest. He was taken in a bus through the Errakatta and Tunnel as the Congress leaders led by the then MP, Lagadapati Rajagopal had a counter protest near Durga temple. But, the police officers or the government officers never reacted openly to the remarks of the then Leader of Opposition. There are a good number of such incidents where Chandrababu Naidu as Leader of Opposition took the bureaucrats to task and called them ‘Slaves of Congress’.

The open resentment by the officers and employees against Opposition taking shelter in the association is a sign of degeneration of democracy. And using the employees associations like this and targeting the Opposition by the ruling party exposes its weakness.


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Heritage foods stoutly denies YSRCP allegetions

Hyderabad: Heritage Foods Limited, owned by the family members of AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababdu Naidu stoutly denied the charges made against it by the President of YSRCP Y.S. Jagan mohan Reddy and termed it +false and baseless propaganda made for political gains”.

In a rejoinder issued by the President of the company,  M. Sambasiva Rao, it was stated that Heritage Foods was functioning on sound principles of transparency and corporate governance. In this context it was pointed that Heritage Foods was recently awarded Golden Peacock Award in London by the Institute of Directors for Excellence in Corporate Governance. All the corporate actions of the company arte aimed at the welfare of farmers and the health of consumers.

Mr. Sambasiva Rao further said that the profitability of the company was a pointer to the efficient functioning and commitment, The company has been borrowing required funds from banks from time to time for its expansion and repaying debt on time The company is providing employment to more than 5000 directly and 15000 indirectly. Heritage Foods is growing on its own strength without availing any undue benefits like allotment of government lands, minerals, contracts from government, he quipped. (NSS).

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