Modi trumps Donald!

The social media is agog with cartoons, jokes and puns following the Prime Ministera��s announcement that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are no longer legal tender. Here are a few that are making rounds:

The news relegated the American election to backburner on all the Indian TV news channels. But to remind us Republican candidate Donald Trump is still making noise, one joke:

a�? Trump: I am going to hog the limelight today. Modi: Bro, please!

a�?A� While US in labour, Modi has delivered

a�? Now nobody is interested in Hillary or Trump; Modi has stolen the thunder

a�? India got MODIfied; USA may get TRUMPed; it will be HILLARYous!!!

a�? Jumped the red light, got caught by a cop, gave him a thousand rupee note. Cop says, Sirjia�� give me a hundred please!

a�? Till yesterday the poor didna��t sleep; from today the rich (black marketers) wona��t sleep. Salute to Modi!

a�? The viral fever: Instead of declaring Rs 500 and 1000 rupee notes illegal, government should replace Mahatma Gandhia��s picture on the notes with Rahul Gandhi to change the value to zero!

a�? While the US is counting notes, India is counting notes.

a�? News channels have prepared for Hillary and Trump; Modi came out of syllabus.

a�? Heavy rush at hospitals: a�?Patientsa�� begging for operation a�� 5 or 6 lakhs!

a�? Cartoons showing pop corn and peanuts wrapped in Rs 500 and 1000 notes

a�? Surgical strike on all ladies: Now they have to declare all their savings to their husbands tomorrow morning!

a�? Breaking News: Amma gets up from bed in Apollo after hearing the news. Hearing Modia��s speech, Amma slips into coma again as her black money will be washed out

a�? In one stroke PM Narendra Modi has sorted out two three things: One, black money, two, fake notes, three, terrorist funding and Mulayam Singh (UP elections)

a�? Imagine the plight of Tirupati Hundi a�� Govinda! Govinda!!

a�? To people who have lots of cash at home, Happy Sivarathri!

a�? Today, the money in a childa��s piggy bank is more valuable than the cash in dada��s valet.

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