Modi trumps Donald!

The social media is agog with cartoons, jokes and puns following the Prime Minister’s announcement that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are no longer legal tender. Here are a few that are making rounds:

The news relegated the American election to backburner on all the Indian TV news channels. But to remind us Republican candidate Donald Trump is still making noise, one joke:

⦁ Trump: I am going to hog the limelight today. Modi: Bro, please!

⦁  While US in labour, Modi has delivered

⦁ Now nobody is interested in Hillary or Trump; Modi has stolen the thunder

⦁ India got MODIfied; USA may get TRUMPed; it will be HILLARYous!!!

⦁ Jumped the red light, got caught by a cop, gave him a thousand rupee note. Cop says, Sirji… give me a hundred please!

⦁ Till yesterday the poor didn’t sleep; from today the rich (black marketers) won’t sleep. Salute to Modi!

⦁ The viral fever: Instead of declaring Rs 500 and 1000 rupee notes illegal, government should replace Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on the notes with Rahul Gandhi to change the value to zero!

⦁ While the US is counting notes, India is counting notes.

⦁ News channels have prepared for Hillary and Trump; Modi came out of syllabus.

⦁ Heavy rush at hospitals: ‘Patients’ begging for operation … 5 or 6 lakhs!

⦁ Cartoons showing pop corn and peanuts wrapped in Rs 500 and 1000 notes

⦁ Surgical strike on all ladies: Now they have to declare all their savings to their husbands tomorrow morning!

⦁ Breaking News: Amma gets up from bed in Apollo after hearing the news. Hearing Modi’s speech, Amma slips into coma again as her black money will be washed out

⦁ In one stroke PM Narendra Modi has sorted out two three things: One, black money, two, fake notes, three, terrorist funding and Mulayam Singh (UP elections)

⦁ Imagine the plight of Tirupati Hundi – Govinda! Govinda!!

⦁ To people who have lots of cash at home, Happy Sivarathri!

⦁ Today, the money in a child’s piggy bank is more valuable than the cash in dad’s valet.

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