Modi Signs Seven Deals With Israel, Meets Little Moshe, Survivor Of 26/11 Attacks

The first Prime Minister to visit Isreal in 69 years, Modi not only got a grand gala welcome from the President and Prime Minister of Israel, but its PM Benjamin Netanyahu described the friendship between the two countries as a marriage made in heaven.
Modi Signs Seven Deals With Israel, Meets Little Moshe, Survivor Of 26/11 Attacks

Tel Aviv: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first Indian leader to visit Israel, signed seven agreements including, cooperation in food, energy, technology, water and agriculture between the two countries.

Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday delivered a strong statement jointly against terrorism and elevated their ties to a “strategic partnership” level.

Describing India-Israel friendship, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said, a�?This is a marriage made in heaven but we are implementing here on earth,a�?

The Israeli media describing his visit historic portrayed Modi as a Hindu nationalist, conservative and believe in free markets and enjoys unprecedented popularity at home. It further added that there are speculations that he is all but destined to be reelected in 2019.

On his first day in Israel, Modi visited a flower nursery, Israela��s official Holocaust museum and the tomb of Theodore Herzl, the visionary of the State.

On his second day, Modi found time between diplomatic appointments to meet a little Israeli boy from Jerusalem a�� Moshe Holtzberg, 10, who survived a terrorist attack on a Jewish centre in Mumbai in 2008. His parents and six others were killed in the attack at the place called Chabad House.

Moshe, 2-year-old then, was saved by his nanny Sandra Samuel, who hid him in a room after the two gunmen stormed the house. She later managed to escape with the child.

Samuel was granted honorary citizenship by Israel.

Modi invited Moshe and his grandparents Rabbi Shimon and Yehudit Rosenberg to visit India and Mumbai.

a�?I love you Mr Modi,a�? said the little boy as he met the Indian PM and added that he wants to visit India and ultimately become the director of Chabad House in Mumbai, when he grows older.

“Anytime you can come to India, anytime you can go,” Modi told Moshe, holding him close.

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