Modi showers promises galore on Kashmiris

  • Promises to make J&K ultimate tourist destination
  • Spells out his development mantra
  • If Kutch can develop, so can Kashmir: Modi


Kishtwar, November 22: From ending the dynastic rule to bringing back Bollywood, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showers many promises on Kashmiris during his election campaign.

He arrived in the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir today afternoon, to take part in the election campaign in Kishtwar constituency that will be going for polls in the first phase on November 25. Counting on the Hindu majority in the Jammu region where he enjoys popularity, and the general positive wave that BJP is experiencing across the country; Modi is going ahead with aggressive campaigning in the valley for the forthcoming assembly elections.


Beginning from November 25, Jammu & Kashmir will see a five-phase election that ends on December 20.The votes will be counted on 23.

While addressing a BJP rally in this Jammu and Kashmir town, he said, “I have to bring back tourism to the state and I have to make J&K the ultimate tourist destination in the world.a�? With an obvious reference to Congress and National Conference, he said J&K had been held hostage by two families for over 50 years. “One family rules and robs the state for five years and then after it becomes unpopular, it gives the power to rob the state to the other family. They have done a political match fixing between themselves.I appeal to you to unshackle yourselves from the yoke of this dynastic rule,” he said.

The poll rally was well attended with around 30,000 people attending it. Modi spoke of Atal Bihari Vajpayeea��s vision and appealed to people to vote for BJP in large numbers so that the next government in the state is formed by the party on its own strength.”I have a vision for Jammu and Kashmir and that vision is based on Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s vision of Insaniyat, Jumhooriyat and Kashmiriyat.a�?

Anchoring on his development mantra Modi quoted Kutch as an example, “There were times when Kutch district in Gujarat was the most backward area of the country. I learnt a great thing by visiting Kutch. I had then recently taken over as the chief minister of Gujarat. I met people there who told me they were fed up of repeated speeches by politicians about the looming threat from across the border.”

“People there wanted me to speak to them about development and progress in their lives. I learnt there that power of this vision in Kutch. Today, Kutch is the fastest developing district of the country. It produces more electric power than the entire state of J&K. If Kutch can prosper, so can Kashmir. I have come to seek your cooperation to realize that dream for Kashmir,” he added.

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