Modi Praises Gangadevapalli of Telangana In ‘Mann KI Baat’

New Delhi: Gangadevapalli, a village in Warangal district, Telangana, was hailed by PM Narendra Modi in his ‘Mann KI Baat’, a customary monthly message to the Nation .

Modi, in his speech, particularly mentioned about the toilet pits getting cleaned by IAS officers setting aside their psychological barriers. IAS officers, headed by Parameshwaran Iyer, demonstratedA� how to clean Twin Toilet pit, and campaigned about sanitation and drinking water in Gangadevapalli last week.

This got a huge applaud by PM who said thatA� using these new technique toilets are made more convenient and people should not hesitate in cleaning or emptying these toilets.

A�Gangadevapalli, a village with 100 percent literacy from 2000, won several awards like Nirmal Puraskar for health and hygiene. Village population with 1300 families has committees which look after drinking water, health, hygiene, cable TV and literacy campaign. To top it all, the village has successfully enforced complete ban on alcohol.

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