Modi Opens Strategic Bhupen Hazarika Bridge Between Assam, Arunachal

The 9.5 KM long Dhola-Sadiya Bhupen Hazarika bridge inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on Friday will help India protect Arunachal Pradesh from Chinese incursions besides reducing traveling time between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by four hours.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated what is billed as a strategic bridge- called the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge- at Sadiya in Tinsukia district of Assam on Friday. The 9.5 kilometre long bridge was built with a�? 2056 crore on river Lohit in the eastern most tip of Assam connecting Arunachal Pradesh.

After the launch, which has taken place on the completion of the three-year rule of NDA government at the Centre, Modi walked a short distance over it. The bridge was named after legendary Bollywood playback singer and lyricist Bhupen Hazarika, he announced.

The bridge will reduce travel time between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh by four hours.

The three-lane bridge was built in such a way that it could accommodate movement of battle tanks, tropps and artillery.

As China has been making advances on several fronts on and off, India can now deploy its troops at vital installations and the movement through the bridge will make it easier for the army to carry out its operations. This can cause China a bit of worry.

According to Defence sources, China infiltrated deep into Indian territory- up to 20 kilometres- and several times it reached Chaglagam in Anjaw district. India could not respond due to circuitous road network as well as lack of proper way to take tanks to the border posts. Till now, the army troops can enter Arunachal through Tejpur in Assam which takes two days to reach the border areas of Arunachal. Now with the launch of the bridge, they can go in few hours and will have wider access to the border. The tanks can also go directly to the destined positions.

India has already made attempts to give a befitting reply to Chinese advances by landing several fighter planes close to the border areas. With the launch of this bridge, India can challenge the Chinese infiltration, sources said.

a�?This is not just Assama��s pride, but the country’s pride” Mr Modi said.

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