Modi, Obama discuss key issues

  • Address joint media conference

  • Agree to work together in Afghanisthan

  • Agree to improve defense and economic relations


modi_obamaWashington, September 30: India and America have agreed to work together to strengthen bilateral relations in areas of defense, economy and international cooperation.

In a joint media conference held after a summit meeting here on Tuesday, US President Barack Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed happiness at the way the talks went on between the two countries.

The talks between Obama and Modi went on for more time than expected delaying the departure of India PM by an hour. The Indian-Americans made their presence felt chanting “Modi, Modi” before and after the meeting at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Obama stressed the need to address the concerns of the poor people of the world. He said they had discussed about the violent extremism.

Modi’s visit was businesslike and he made his point boldly without any hesitation. He told his American counterpart that delay in taking the Indo-US Civil Nuclear pact forward has been hurting India. He also promised to work together in Afghanisthan in particular, Asia Pacific region in general. In fact, Obama also spoke of Afghanisthan. Modi also spoke of new forms of terror in West Asia. Obama said America would be working with India in international arena. He said the US would consult India on every major issue concerning world peace. Modi has also referred to WTO and India’s reservations about it. He said India and the US are natural global partners. He spoke of cooperation between two countries in climate change. Modi said the US is key to India’s “Look East” policy and India’s policy towards the West. He also expressed concern about Ebola.

Modi has invited Obama to visit India as soon as possible. He paid homage to Martin Luther King.

After the joint press statement, both the leaders walked in the lawns of Martin Luther King Memorial and had one on one discussion without aides. President Obama spent extra time with Modi slowly moving in the lawns. Over all, Modi’s US visit could be described as path-breaking. It was extraordinary that the US president met Indian PM for two times on two days in the White House.The warmth between the two leaders was visible and the body language of both the leaders says they struck a cordial personal relationship. The tone and tenor sounded good. It does not mean, however, that the two countries agreed on all issued under the sun. The bilateral meet is expected to yield good results. John Kerry, Secretary of State, also addressed the media jointly with Modi. Thus ended the five day trip of Modi to the US.

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