Modi, KCR failed to keep promises: Cong

  • They ask the govt to lift ban on TDP MLAs

HYDERABAD: Congress leaders today lambasted the TRS Government in Telangana and BJP Government at the Centre for failing to keep their promises.

Addressing a press conference Telangana congress president Utham Kumar Reddy, Opposition leaders K Jana Reddy and D Srinivas here urged the graduates to vote for their candidates in the MLC elections. The voters this time should keep in view the failures of the two governments before going to exercise their franchise they said. They flayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for not keeping their promises made during elections. Though the BJP stated to bring back black money stashed abroad and distribute Rs 15 lakh per head in the country, the Modi Government miserably failed and did not give even 15 paise they contended.

Their respective budgets did not reflect the aspirations of the people they charged. They also found fault with the TRS for encouraging the defections and luring their leaders. The Budget presented by the government is just jugglery of numbers. Referring to congress former MP P Prabhakar comments on corruption by Minister Jagadish Reddy, they said that they will get all information and divulge the same in the Assembly. They reprimanded Jagadish Reddy for his loose comments against the congress leaders. They compared the minister to that of a coin that is outdated. The minister should learn manners before getting into false talk they said.

The Congress leaders suggested the ruling party to lift the suspension and allow the TD members to attend the rest of the budget session. It is not correct for the ruling party to throw the TD leaders out on some issues, they maintained. (NSS)

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