Modi is dream merchant selling false dreams: Ajay Maken

  • Congress releases a booklet on U turns of BJP government
  • Questions on land swapping deal in Assam
  • a�?U-turns Sarkara�? trending on twitter

New Delhi, December 1: The Congress seem to continue its strategy of offence as it released the promised booklet that speaks of the 25 U-turns that the government has taken, going back on poll promises in the 180 days of BJP governance. The party blamed BJP of hijacking UPA schemes.

Speaking at a press conference Congress leader Ajay Maken called NarendraModi a�?Dream Merchanta�� selling a�?liesa�� and named atleast three latest U turns that includes Home Minister Rajnath Singha��s poll promise that the information in the secret files of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose will be revealed. During UPA regime, BJP was quite vocal in its demand to let the contents of the file be revealed. However, the party has evidently taken a U turn when it refused to divulge in the information to a recent RTI appeal. Maken demanded, “Congress asks Rajnath Singh and BJP what happened now? Should the BJP and Rajnath not apologise to the people of India for misleading them.”

Congress called BJP government a U-turns government and has resorted to social media to reveal the various U turns. Looks like the move paid off with the term a�?#UTurnSarkara�? trending on micro blogging site, Twitter.

Another example that goes back to NarendraModia��s statement just a day before is that of governmenta��s stand on land swapping deal in Assam with Bangladesh. When the former government was talking about the land deal, BJP promptly objected to it and PMa��s announcement on the issue accepting the deal is questionable, he says. “BJP has always opposed Bangladesh influx issue when Congress was in power but now they have taken a U-turn on the same. It seems that the BJP only wanted to politicise the Bangladesh issue.” They seem to have changed their opinion in just three months, he wondered.

The third U-turn Ajay Maken referred to was the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill. He also questioned Prime Minister NarendraModi on the black money that he promised would be brought back within 100 days and Rs 15 lakh that he had said would be credited in everyonea��s account. a�?Where is the money,a�? he asked.

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