Modi, Bhagawat differ on Teresa?

(Primepost Bureau)

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘man ki baath’ is different from RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat’s opinion on Mother Teresa. While Modi praised the virtues of the Mother who was born in Albania but chose to serve the destitute a in India, her stay in Kolkota was He expressed pride on Teresa attaining sainthood on 4 September 2016. PM recalled that Mother Teresa devoted her whole life to serve the poor. The PM was absolutely justified in speaking well of a great lady who was conferred the Nobel Prize and Bharat Ratna.

But Bhagawat has an entirely different opinion of the Mother. This was what he had to say in February 2015 about her: ‘It is good to work for a cause with selfless intentions. But Mother Teresa’s work had ulterior motive which was to convert the person who was being served to Christianity…. In the name of service, religious conversions were made.’ Since the RSS is the ideological backbone of the BJP whose PM is Modi, it is interesting to note that a person in power has to be careful in forming and expressing opinion on important people but a person like Bhagawat who represent an ideology can afford to be bold in expressing his views.A� Modi as PM cannot afford to be as candid and outspoken as Bhagawat. Modi, a Pracharak, might have spoken the same language as Bhagawat.

Modi’s government had taken strong action when Christian priests were attacked. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj had taken special interest in getting Kerala Christian priest Alexis Premkumar Antonyswamy and his associates from the clutches of terrorists with the help of Afghanistan forces.

There were instances earlier also which showed that Modi and Bhagawat are not on the same page on many issues. Bhagawat’s remarks on reservations costed the BJP the State of Bihar. It was one of the factors that contributed to the defeat of the BJP in Bihar Assembly elections.

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