Modern Science versus BJPa��s Science

  • BJP MP says nuclear test was done by 2nd century sage Kanad
  • Calls Modia��s claims of plastic surgery on Lord Ganesha valid
  • Says Astrology is the number one science

New Delhi, December 4: Do you remember any one of former President APJ Abdul Kalama��s speeches urging the youth to give up mental servitude and become free-thinking and that Indian society needs to be reformed using reason, advancing knowledge through scientific method and opposing superstition and intolerance?

Just listening to him would fire up the imagination in youngsters, many amongst them who consider him a role model and rise up to achieve their goals in life. No wonder Kalam is quite often invited to address young audience across the country.

On the other hand we have the BJP MPs giving gyan of another kind to this world. Former Uttarakhand CM and MP Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank not only supported PM Narendra Modia��s remarks on the advanced scientific knowledge of vedic ages and how we are ahead in a�?Plastic Surgerya�� and a�?Genetic Sciencea�� citing the examples of birth of Lord Ganesha and a�?Karnaa��; he went a step ahead. The MP explained how an ancient sage, Kanad of 2nd century had conducted nuclear test. Participating in a debate at no lesser place than the Lok Sabha, on Wednesday, he shared this bit of information and went on to say, a�?Our knowledge and science do not lack anything.a�?

a�?People are raising questions on Modijia��s comments on Ganesha��s surgery. It was actually a surgery. The science available to us is not available elsewhere in the worlda�� science or knowledge to transplant a severed headA�existed only in India. Jyotish is a science to make calculations lakhs of years in advance. All other sciences have been dwarfed by our ancient astrologers. Astrology is the number one science for the entire world. We should promote the science,a�? he added.

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