Mobile clinic for slum areas

  • 500 patients to be treated every day

Hyderabad:A�Rajnish Kumar, Managing Director (NBG), State Bank ofA�India, has donated Rs 22.23 lakhs under Corporate Social Responsibility to Dr Mohd Rafiuddin, Director, Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare (HCHW) for a mobile clinic.

The mobile clinic, which will be on the road next week, will treat 500 people every day in slum areas, free of cost. The mobile clinic has been designed in such a way that it will have a reception, doctorsa�� cabin, a laboratory and a pharmacy. The HCHW will send the mobile clinic to the slum areas daily with full-time doctors,

The State Bank ofA�India,A�Hyderabad Circle, has donated Rs 10.50 crores since April 2015 to various NGOs in the field of sanitation, health and education. The SBI also adopted seven villages as a�?Digital Villagesa�? in both the Telugu States. Some 1,400 staff members have taken pledge for organ donation to Jeevandan, Telangana.A� All staff members donated Rs 13 lakhs to Armed Forces Flag Day Fund and handed over the cheques to the Governor, recently.

On the occasion of the donation of mobile clinic, Hardayal Prasad, CGM and Giridhara Kini, Ravindra Pandey, MR Mayya, GMs and R. Radha Krishna, DGM & CDO were present. a��NSS

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