What Do MLC Election Results Prove?

Amaravati: Ruling party, TDP, swept the 9 MLC seats in AP which includes Kurnool, Nellore and Kadapa. All eyes are on the result of Kadapa seat, which is a bastion for Late YSR for 40 years.

TDP, after winning Kadapa seat, celebrated as if the win was of great importance.

Human Resource Ministers Ghanta Srinivas Rao and Agricultre Minister Pattipati Pulla Rao moved further by saying Pulivendula seat will be won by the TDP in 2019 elections. They even distributed sweets in the House in the presence of Naidu.

YSR Congress party fielded YS Vivekananda Reddy from Kadapa where the party has 540 votes, but the result was negative by the end of the day giving TDP’s candidate B.Tech Ravi a margin of 30 votes. Vivekananda Reddy was twice Parliamenterian from Kadapa, twice represented Pulivendula in the Assembly and once he was a member of state Legislative council .

YSRCP expected crossvoting will help them to win which did not occur. Naturally in politics, results will be in favour of ruling party due to power politics, money game which exactly happened in kadapa, according to opposition party sources.

Ruling party, from day one, kept all its focus on Kadapa with Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao as in charge, who handlers money power very well. If the ruling party did not purchase votes or misuse power, the party would have once again suspended Roja for making an allegation that the TDP has spent ₹300 crore to get three MLCs elected. The ruling party’s silence supports Roja’s comments.

Winning Kadapa Seat is not enough for the ruling party, it has to first focus on state issues, with anti-incumbency dominating other schemes proposed by Chandra babu Naidu,who says that people are the ultimate high command for him, should try for Special Category status and OBC reservations, which are on top priority now.

On the flip side, Jagan should focus on the constituencies where the party cadres are looking for support from their leader. People are ready for a change, but not gaining confidence in YS Jagan. The only weapon in the hands of the TDP to hit Jagan is the CBI cases against him. The TDP would be dilating on this issue to keep Jagan at bay even in 2019 elections.

Neither Chandababu Naidu can come and win in Pulivendula nor Jagan can win in Kuppam, but the wild statements have no substance. Common voter at ground level can’t understand what is going on in MLC elections and the implications of the results.

 TDP can’t take the win in MLC elections as a bench mark. YCP, on the other hand, should always remember that the ruling party will be making use of his jail life, the CBI charge sheets and the allegations of quid quo deals notwithstanding the fact that they are sub-judice and they are only allegations.

After all its a political game and people will look at the result but not the way in which the parties won. This is the way Indian democracy is functioning.

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