MLC Deepak Reddya��s Shocking Land Mafia

MP Diwakar Reddy’s son-in-law Deepak Reddy, TDP MLC, is emerging as a person with criminal brain in creating documents and occupying the Government lands.

Hyderabad: TDP MLC, son-in-law of MP Diwakar Reddy, Deepak Reddya��s land mafia is coming out in a shocking way to the people.

As per sources, Deepka Reddy tried to encroach several hundreds of acres with fake documents during Congress period. In a surprising and shocking way, Deepak tried to create documents of dead persons and tried to manipulate the documents to appear as old with the help of chemicals.

Deepak has 3128 acres of land at one place worth of a value of a�? 5000 crore and at another place he has 850 acres of land worth a�? 1000 crore. In 2012 election affidavit, he showed property worth a�? 6000 crore. Now the police are digging Deepak Reddya��s background.

Even police are now woke up and are trying to know the facts behind hid educational qualifications. He passed Intermediate in 1990 and became graduate in one year.

People are wondering about the criminal brain of Deepak Reddy who is still denying allegation even after his arrest.

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