Are MLAsa�� Becoming A Laughing Stock?

The educational qualifications of a few MLAs have become a laughing stock on social media.

Vijayawada: The educational qualifications of our peoplea��s representatives have always been questionable. The qualifications of many are doubted too.

Recently, Vijayawada MLA Jalil Khan has posted on social media that he studied physics in B.Com. Immediately he not only became a target to rival parties, but also to a�?aam janata.a��

Even before people began to forget this incident, another leader astonished every one by saying that he had studied CEC in his graduation. The leader is none other than the Kurnool MLA SV Mohan Reddy.

a�? I studied civics, civil a�� general subjects in general,a�? the MLA said answering to a question posed by a reporter.

There were no MPTCs and MPCs then, Mohan Reddy said. Intermediate used to be general. There was no CEC in Inter then, he said.

a�?I have studied CEC only after entering graduation,a�? he said.

When the reporter said that there is no CEC in degree, SV Mohan Reddy literally quivered. The video of Mohan Reddy, who started sweating after the incident, has become viral on social media.

The public is ridiculing the MLAsa��. The interview promo given to a You-Tube channel has become a good entertainment for the public.

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