Miyapur Land Scam: BJP Flays KCR

BJP questioned KCRa��s silence on land scam when there is evidence against Deputy CM who transferred 50 crore worth of lands through a benami transaction.

Hyderabad: Telangana CM KCR was silent on the land scam of Miyapur which was unearthed 10 days ago. Opposition party BJP flayed KCR for his silence and asked him to explain the Governmenta��s stand on the scam which is the largest in The country. The BJP came down on KCR for his outburst against Amit Shah who said that funds of Central Government were not used properly by TRS Government.

BJP’s spokesperson Krishna sagar Rao said that it is unnatural silence on the part of CM on such serious allegations are levelled against the Government. While speaking to media, Krishna Sagar further said that government should further explain and clarify the situation. It was a surprise to see the delay in replacing deputy CM whose name was involved in the scam and he should order CBI enquiry as early as possible, Sagar said.

CM should also explain the nature of his relationship with fugitive from USA and full blow scamster like Gold Stone Prasad, Sagar said.

The Miyapur land scam is a big black mark on Telangana Government after it formed the government 3 years ago. The scam took place in heart of the city of Hyderabad. TJAC chairman M Kodandaram appealed to KCRa��s Government to order CBI enquiry on the scam. But KCRa��s silence led the officers of GHMC to imagine that TRS leaders are involved in the scam.

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