IT Minister Lokesh’s Name Dropped From US Tour

Dropping Lokesh’s name from the US tour raises questions among political circles.

Amaravati: There seems to be a gap running between AP CM Chandrababu and his son IT Minister Nara Lokesh, and it is sounding odd among political circles.

A few days ago, there were contrast statements between the two about PM Modi’s slogan, ‘One Nation One Election.’ Now from the US tour, which included 15 delegates, Lokesh’s name was dropped in the last minute on Tuesday night.

The exact reason for omitting his name is not known, but a few say that he did not get clearance from union external minister. As per TDP sources, Naidu dropped him in the last minute to look after the state affairs.

Whatever the reason may be it’s a big disappointment for Lokesh and his followers. But experts say that the dropping would send a wrong message to AP people, as CM’s tour is also to attract IT investments. For this time, it is going to be in the absence of AP IT minister.

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