IT Minister Lokesh Gets Guru For Telugu Pronunciation

The rising star of the TDP, Nara Lokesh has been having problems with Telugu pronunciation. He has started taking tuition from Peddi Rama Rao.

Hyderabad: It is clear from the past incidents that IT Minister Nara Lokesh is having problems in Telugu pronunciation. He was found with foot in his mouth many times.

At last he found a teacher to solve this problem. The teacher is none other than Dr Peddi Rama Rao. Rama Rao, who is brother-in-law to Actor Rajeev Kanakala( anchor Suma’s husband) did PhD in Fine Arts from Central university of Hyderabad.

Dr. Rama rao, who worked as Assistant professor in Telugu Department, was chosen to teach Telugu communication skills to Lokesh. This is mainly due to Suma’s association with NTR’s trust, with Singer Bala Subramnyam and with Union Minister Venkiah naidu.

Rama Rao has previous experience in writing scripts for late NTR and we have to see how he will cope with Lokesh in coming days.

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