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Lata Jain

An individual must know how to behave at the workplace. There is a huge difference between college and professional life. One needs to be disciplined at the workplace. At the very least, excess celebration and etiquette mistakes at the company holiday party can become fodder for next day stories and eventually office legend for future parties.

And, according to industry surveys, about 15% of those companies that have hosted holiday parties say that inappropriate employee behavior at holiday parties in the past has impacted an individual’s career growth in the company. One needs to mind his manners in the parties hosted by the office.

lata jain

Lata Jain

It’s surprising, but true:A�People really do need reminders about how to behave appropriately when they mix business with pleasure. Whether you can wait to mix and mingle with your co-workers, or whether youa��d gladly give your raise and promotion to get a pass, attending the office party is, simply, a part of your job and the right manners are a must as you surely have to meet the same faces next morning.

Corporate parties can be as simple as an office gets together, a client cocktail, family day out, end of year party or a formal corporate dinner. As much as this is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues and clients much better in a more relaxed setting, be careful as it is also the easiest time to jeopardize your career. Important decision makers concerning your career progress or advancement will likely be in attendance and even if they are not, they will most likely to hear everything that has been going on.

Please be in time:

An Australian Company invited the Indian Directors for a 30 minute meeting. The directors were 25 minutes late. The Australian counterpart had tea for 5 minutes with the Indian Directors and bid a diplomatic goodbye. Here there is no genuine excuse to be late as your character and professionalism is put to the test. Most important announcements are made early on in the day which you must be available to hear.A� Some like the idea of being a�?a��fashionably latea�� ensuring they make a grand entrance knowing that most people would have arrived, this does not work in a corporate function.

Please be conscious of your attire:

On the eve of a Christmas party a newly married young lady went dressed as a bride. She made the heads turn but why is any sane persons guess. Our dress sense should be smart and respectful, especially if you are representing your organization. It is not a time for caps, bulky rings or jewellery. Your dress judges your character and personality. Please avoid low shirts, tight fitting clothes or transparent clothing.

Avoid over eating and drinking:

You are not there to just eat and enjoy the handy work of the chef; your primary objective is to network. Remember that you are constantly being watched and self discipline is highly required where alcohol is being served. Please do not drink and be a source of inconvenience and indiscipline at the office party. One too many drinks will set you off on a rollercoaster as resultant loose lips can land you into trouble. A peg or two is a safer option for that event. At times it is recommended to avoid alcohol entirely if you do not have control after drinking. It is good to be a�?desia�? eating with five figures but then there are guidelines and volumes written to use the spoon and fork so please do it.

Stop gossiping and unwanted flattery:

Some people are into loose gossip and speak of numbers as though 100 crores had five zeroes and avoid rum our mongering. Lot of rivalry and back biting occurs between staff, especially when they hear what was being said about them through a third party.A�The idea that there is a colleague that has been secretly admiring you over time is not impossible. Events that allow you to unwind are usually targeted for making a first move. Even when you have no intention of making a pass at a colleague, avoid flirting.A�She could be your bosses girl friend.

Please dona��t over react:

The CEO of your company is in India and he has lot of announcements and promotions to make. You may not like a few of those announcements and may be your name is not there in the list for a big job. Please do not over react, you can meet your bosses next morning and seek clarification, you can always mail to your CEO but no public reactions please.

Please do not move with a single individual:

In most offices, security cameras are frequently placed where you may not realize, including hallways, stairwells, etc. Many organizations take different views on personal relationships among employees and managers. And, at the very least, everyone will definitely know about personal encounters at the office and elsewhere — long after the party is over. Please move around, and interact with all the employees and mingle.

Happy partying!!!!!

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