Mind Your Job, Stop Extravaganza

Krishna Pushkarams have just concluded in both the Telugu states. Unlike the Godavari Pushkarams last year, the religious rituals went off smoothly without any major mishaps. A�It is a matter of great solace to the people as well as to the governments. One may recall the tragedy that occurred on the eve of the Godavari Pushkarams where more than 25 persons died in a stampede on the very first day itself. A�We are all aware that too many lapses contribute to this kind of human loss through out the year in our country.A� People thronging prominent temples, kshetras, tiirthaas; particularly at Kumbhamelas and Pushkarams, is not a new phenomenon. It is a practice that is as old as Bharat that is India. But even after 70 years of independence we, as a country, are very poor in crowd management. Of-course, in all these years our neta-log surpassed all other democracies in crowd pulling at election rallies and other political events. Our police are still ill-equipped, ill-trained and under a��staffed. Further, most of the time our Rakshaka Bhatas are pre-occupied with the a�?rakshanaa�� and a�?sevaa�� of VIPs.

It is true that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu has learnt one or two immediate lessons from Godavari tragedy and took enough care to make it incident -free for the rest of the Pushkara days. The same awareness was visible in Krishna Pushkarams which went of peacefully without any complaint. A�One must say a thousand kudos to A.P as well as Telangana govts.

The problem with Chandrababu Naidu is there for all to see. As one journalist commented else-where in this very portal, he transformed the Pushkarams -a spiritual and religo-dharmik ritual, into a massive governmental activity. A�Strangely the government publicised the event as if it is implementing a sarkari scheme, inviting people to participate through expensive ads in on hoardings, buses and every nook and corner. Identified with the Puskarams so completely, the government went missing in action in all other aspects. At the end, ministers patted themselves claiming that the participation of 3.5 crore people in pushkarams is itself a big acheivement of the government, and they have conducted the event like a�?na bhuuto na bhavishyatia�?. A�It is the height of ignorance, and un-adulterated arrogance. A�Conducting a big event like Puskarams without considerable mishappenings is ceratainly praise-worthy, but attracting bhaktas is not. A�People attend voluntarily for their own Punya and Purushaartha. There are several other ways for governments to rejoice and celebrate. For example, had they created at least a few lakh jobs, that definitely would be a moment of great celebration. Here it is not the case.

It is beoming a trend these days. A�Our rulers, both at the Centre and State level, giving more emphasis on a�?extra-curricular activitiesa��, than their own curriculum and constitutional functions.A� We know how Prime Minister Narendra Modi becomes Yoga teacher to the entire world. A�Likewise, Chandrababu Naidu transformed himself as a a�?pushakaarala nirvahana praviinaa�?. We have exemplary precedents and models before us in conducting the mass religous celebrations. Take for example, Ganesa Nimajjana processions in twin cities. Though it is an event involving large numbers, governments never interfered and aspired to take credit in conducting the celebration. There is an Utsav Committee to chalkout and organise the event with sufficient co-ordination with law and order machinery.

Dear governemnts, will you stop these a�?extrasa�� and concentrate on your real and constitutionally assigned job?!


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