Mike Pence Narrowly Wins VP Debate

Venkata Kondubhatla

The Republican Vice President candidate Mike Pence has narrowly won against his opponent Tim Kaine of Democratic party in the vice presidential debate held at Longwood University in Virginia, according to the CNN polls.

With a well-behaved demeanor, in contrast to his running mate, Donald Trump, in the first presidential debate, Pence was polite even when his opponent Tim Kaine interrupted him multiple times in an effort to attack, following the strategy that Clinton had adopted against Trump.

Pence proved to be a much more polished politician and a better skilled debater than Donald Trump.  He responded to Tim Kaine by explaining Trump’s policies and at times attacking Clinton’s policies.

While Tim Kaine pushed Pence to respond to Trump’s controversial comments, Pence has successfully hammered away their policies at times defending his leader Trump, and at times just ignoring them.

However, the debate also revolved around the issues discussed in the previous debate. Pence argued that his opponent dual had used “avalanche of insults” against them whenever Kaine attacked him.

There was an argument on handling undocumented immigrants in the debate. When Kaine attacked that Trump wanted to deport all of them, Pence pointed that Trump wanted to remove only the “criminal immigrants” from the country. He said that unlike Democrats who want to secure borders as the last step, Trump wants to start with border security first, eliminate all the criminal immigrants, and then talk about the immigration reform.

Mike Pence has tried to show Trump’s policy in a soft tone. While agreeing that their immigration plans included building a wall, an aggressive step compared to Democrats immigration policy, Pence also balanced his talk by saying that they would also try to implement the immigration reforms.

Another challenge that Pence faced through out the debate was responding to the comments Trump made on Vladimir Putin. When Kaine repeatedly criticized Trump for saying Putin is a better leader than Obama, Pence pointed out that Trump had said that Putin was a “stronger leader on the world stage than Obama”.  What Trump said exactly has to be fact checked.

When moderator Elaine Quijano of CBS News asked Pence as to why Putin likes Trump, he responded, “Strength, plain and simple”.

Pence also argued that Iran nuclear deal was the biggest failure of Clinton and Obama’s foreign policy.  He maintained that the deal was a disaster, as it doesn’t guarantee disarmament of nuclear weapons. He said the US has in exchange given Iran $150 billion and also withdrawn sanctions.

Overall, the debate had a high-level talk compared to the first presidential debate with candidates talking about moral and social issues. Both the candidates are extremely religious. While Pence is a catholic who slowly adapted evangelicalism, Kaine is a Methodist who spent his teenage with Jesuits in Honduras.

The debate became conventional with the subject of abortion on the table.  As a typical Democrat who believes in woman rights, Kaine left the decision in the hands of women. He said that he believes in women and that they would take the right decision.

Republicans believe in pro-life, said Pence. He argued adopting children as opposed to abortion, to which Kaine attacked him for not trusting women, playing the woman card.

Pence said, “The society is judged by how it defends its most vulnerable”.

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