Migratory birdsa�� habitat cries for facilities

  • Dattatreya writes to CM on Chinthapalli

Hyderabad: Union Minister of State for Labour & Employment Bandaru Dattatreya has requested Telangana Chief Minister K Chandresekhar Rao to initiate developmental works in Chinthapalli village under Khammam Rural Mandal of the district like cleaning and filling water in the village tank, release of fish into ponds, clearing of garbage and wild plants and so on.A�

A�In a letter to the Chief Minister on Tuesday, the Union minister stated that he had visited Khammam district recently and personally witnessed the unpleasant situation in the village which has been attracting Siberian cranes for decades. He stated that the villagers pleaded with him to help develop the village, which is pride of Telangana and natural wonder. He also urged the Chief Minister to direct the officials concerned to take up immediate conservation measures for the birds like ensuring availability of water throughout the year in the village tank, feeding of birds and growing tamarind trees. He also suggested to the State government to put a ban on cutting of tamarind trees and killing of birds in the surrounding villages like Wyra and Paleru. He urged the Chief Minister to ensure continuous water flow to the village tank under Mission Kakatiya and adequate supply of drinking water to the villages.A�

Dattatreya stated that the villagers had told him that cranes from Siberia land in Chinthapalli village on January 1 and stay there for seven months till July and return to Siberia after improving its population. Simultaneously, tourists from various parts of the country visit Chintapalli to see the wonderful cranes. A�But they find it difficult to stay even for a few hours for want of basic amenities. Dattatreya said the villagers wanted the State government to grow tamarind trees for the sake of cranes and provide minimum facilities like drinking water, park, restaurant and benches to sit and enjoy.A�

The Union minister said Chintapalli will be another tourist spot provided the government developed it with all the basic facilities for tourists. He suggested to the State government to send proposals to the Center for assistance for development of the village, including public transport, roads and so on. a��NSS

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