Midnight Arrest Of Kodandaram After Breaking Into House

Hyderabad: a�?All the Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) leaders are at my house. We are all together. Please treat this as house arrest. It happened during the Telangana movement in undivided AP also. The police treated as house arrestA� in theA� past,a�� pleaded TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram with the police who came to arrest him at 3.00 pm on Wednesday morning. He was talking to the police personnel from the window of his drawing room. His pleas fell on deaf ears. The police personnel, numbering more than 200, broke open the front door, smashed the furniture and arrested about 50 leaders of TJAC including Kodandram. There is a groundswell of goodwill throughout Telangana in favour of Prof Kodandram who has been maltreated by the TRS government and its police force. The police had chosen the time of arrest very early in the morning since the last pages of all newspapers would have been put to sleep by then and there is no chance of any newspaper reporting it.

Prof Kodandaram and K Raghu, a leader of electricity employees union, were together at Kamatipura police station in old city since early in the morning. The police have lodged protesters at Bollaram, Chandrayanagutta and various other police stations. About 5000 unemployed were taken into preventive custody. Most of the student activists from the district had already reached Hyderabad. Some of the students were arrested at entry points. About 750 activists were taken into custody on Tuesday evening itself. Students at Osmania University campus tried to take out rally twice and both the times they were arrested. There were small and short rallies at Sundarayya Vignyana Kendram and Indira Park where students in batches of fifty or seventy five came out shouting slogans and formed a column before they were forcibly shoved into the waiting police vans. Leaders of Telangana Praja Front like Nalamasa Krishna. Menchu Ramesh, K Ravichandar, Devendra and others were arrested and lodged at Ghoshamahal police station. A�

Police have used canes to disperse the protesting students at OU campus and Nizam college. A student by name Sandeep Chamar had poured kerosine on his body and was about to light a match stick to immolate himself when the police promptly arrested him preventing the death of a student. Prof Kodandrama��s wife SusheelaA�and Advocate Rachana Reddy has met city Police Commissioner Mehender Reddy in the afternoon and demanded the release of her husband and all those who were taken into preventive detention.

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