Microsoft Decides To Lay Off Employees

Microsoft has reportedly decided to shift focus from software to artificial intelligence and cloud computing. This strengthens the imminent possibility of layoffs of personnel.

Washington: Is software giant Microsoft preparing to lay off employees? The answer is a big yes, with the firm deciding to set aside its standalone software and focus on artificial intelligence and cloud computing services.

According to American media reports, Chief Executive Satya Nadella has sought to reduce the tech giant’s focus on software, shifting to cloud computing and business services.

Microsoft is refocusing its sales force on making the software giant a crucial part of its businesses relying on cloud computing, according to reports. If this happens, it may have to lay off a large number of its employees, said The Wall Street Journal. However, they might not be removed immediately.

After taking over the responsibility of the firm as CEO in 2014, Satya Nadella focused on cloud computing platforms. Before becoming CEO, Satya had worked as Head of the Cloud Division. This could be the reason for initiation of changes in this area.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and cloud systems are developing at a rapid pace than software. Accordingly, the software giant is preparing itself to make changes in its plans.

It is in this context that there are reports of Microsoft mulling over laying off its employees. Though it’s not clear as to when and how many employees will be removed, Microsoft is all set to retrench staff across the world, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

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