Microsoft Decides To Lay Off Employees

Microsoft has reportedly decided to shift focus from software to artificial intelligence and cloud computing. This strengthens the imminent possibility of layoffs of personnel.

Washington: Is software giant Microsoft preparing to lay off employees? The answer is a big yes, with the firm deciding to set aside its standalone software and focus on artificial intelligence and cloud computing services.

According to American media reports, Chief Executive Satya Nadella has sought to reduce the tech giant’s focus on software, shifting to cloud computing and business services.

Microsoft is refocusing its sales force on making the software giant a crucial part of its businesses relying on cloud computing, according to reports. If this happens, it may have to lay off a large number of its employees, said The Wall Street Journal. However, they might not be removed immediately.

After taking over the responsibility of the firm as CEO in 2014, Satya Nadella focused on cloud computing platforms. Before becoming CEO, Satya had worked as Head of the Cloud Division. This could be the reason for initiation of changes in this area.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and cloud systems are developing at a rapid pace than software. Accordingly, the software giant is preparing itself to make changes in its plans.

It is in this context that there are reports of Microsoft mulling over laying off its employees. Though it’s not clear as to when and how many employees will be removed, Microsoft is all set to retrench staff across the world, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

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Microsoft Initiates Steps To Lay Off 3–4 K Employees, Mostly Outside US

The US tech giant is laying off employees in keeping with the shift in its focus from software to cloud computing and business services.

San Francisco: US tech giant Microsoft disclosed on Thursday that “an unspecified number of jobs would be cut” as part of re-organising its global sales operations.

The New York Times has, however, reported that Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella might cut 3,000 to 4,000 jobs, mostly outside the US. When contacted, the spokesperson for the tech giant declined to confirm the number.

The proposed layoffs come after the US giant has decided to reduce its focus on software and concentrate on cloud computing and business services.

Responding to an email by a news agency, Microsoft said, “Today, we are taking steps to notify some employees that their jobs are under consideration or that their positions will be eliminated. Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis. This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time-to-time, re-deployment in others.”

According to the official website of the company, Microsoft had more than 121,000 employees across the world at the end of March.

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AP To Utilise Microsoft Technology To Reach Out To People

AP Minister of IT Nara Lokesh has met representatives of Microsoft at Hyderabad to discuss the feasibility of using technology to reach people.

Hyderabad: Technology facilitates in providing corruption-free governance to public, opined Andhra Pradesh IT and Panchayati Raj Minister Nara Lokesh. He met Microsoft representatives in Hyderabad to discuss the implementation of technology to make the public aware of the developmental and welfare activities taken up by the State government.

The Microsoft representatives assuring their support to the State government in their endeavour, explained to the minister the advanced technology used in developing Kaizala app.
Appreciating their assurance, Lokesh said that their intention is to take all the activities regarding all departments to public and help the public to bring their problems to the notice of the government. He also explained them the efforts that are being put in to integrate Microsoft Real-Time Technology in all departments. He also discussed the possibility of integrating party activities with technology.

“Technology helps in tracking the activities taking place at village level and helps identify the hard working leaders and provide them with an appropriate position in the party,” Lokesh said.

The Microsoft representatives explained how to identify party cadre working hard by using this advanced technology through a power point presentation. Impressed by the technology, the minister announced that they would integrate this technology with the party very soon.

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Satya Nadella Launches Tech To Suit India

Mumbai: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today launched Sangam, Linkedin Lite, and Skype Lite with Aadhaar in Future Decoded 2017 event in Mumbai. He made a strong case for digital technology in India to empower the common man. He mentioned that they were motivated with the response they received from India. Kaizala, a mobile application that has messaging oriented format which is simple for anyone to use, but most importantly it is creating data assets. It is being used in UP elections where Amitabh Khan and Nidhi Ayog using it to organize the Niti Ayog. He said that the financial Institutions and fast moving goods companies are piloting Kaizala, which is in a primitive stage. He explained that this product was born out of fundamental insight that Microsoft has gained by observing how digital work is transforming in India.

The India-born Nadella said in order to reshape India with digital technology, Microsoft has come up with ‘Lite’ versions of Skype and Linkedin. He also mentioned that India is pacing towards cloud computing in all sectors including public sector. He announced that the country’s banking giant SBI has decided to move to cloud by adopting Office 365 solution. The CEO appreciated the progress of Aadhar in India and said the “Indian Stack” is driving the innovation at Microsoft.

The Microsoft CEO said that if it doesn’t truly empower every Indian and every Indian Organization to achieve more; then they would have achieved nothing.

Sangam is a platform based out of Linkedin that helps the semi-skilled workers to get job opportunities. They intend to extend the platform to middle level and lower level workers and provide vocational training to enable more skills. The CEO added that the platform is still in private-preview

Satya Nadella also announced a new service on Linkedin called ‘Placements’ that helps Indian college graduated to get job opportunities in a democratic manner as per their skills.

The CEO also announced the lite version of Skype that has come into light considering the availability of bandwidth across India.

The Microsoft “Digital India” team is focusing on various initiatives including banking, payments, classrooms, retail, and public distribution system.

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