Merchants Of Death Going Scot Free in AP

Sand mafia in Andhra Pradesh has been indulging in loot and plunder with the Government looking the other way.

Amaravati: The sand Mafia is ruling the roost in Andhra Pradesh. There have been hundreds of instances of transporting sand by lorries from the river beds of Krishna, Godavari, Swarnamukhi etc.

Most of the ruling party MLAs and other important leaders are making huge profits from sand business. The process of collecting and transporting the sand has been creating a lot of disturbance in the villages on the way. The roads have been ruined and the pollution has been bothering the people. There have been sporadic movements by the villagers in protest against the sand theft. Some tahasildars and mining officers tried to stop the rot. But when they understood that the Government was deliberately allowing the theft, they either kept quiet or had fallen in line. Vanjakshi, a tahasildar in Krishna district, belongs to this category.  There are many who were in league with the plunderers.

The reason behind the death of 15 persons at Yerpedu in Chittoor district on Friday afternoon was sand smuggling. The farmers from a village on the banks of Swarnamukhi river went to Yerpedu to complain against the sand contractors to the revenue and police officials. When they were before the police station at Yerpedu, a drunken driver drove a heavy truck into the crowd hitting two autos and one electric pole resulting in death of 15 persons and injuring 24 persons.

People are waiting for the Government to end the menace of sand mafia.

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Naidu Promises Action Against Sand Mafia

Chandrababu Naidu said that the Yerpedu incident would be investigated by a senior ISS officer and sand would be brought under Essential Commodities Act.

New Delhi: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu has said he would invoke PD Act to prevent sand theft. He said the MRO was suspended. He promised to get the incident investigated by a senior IAS officer. There is a proposal to bring sand under essential Commodities Act.

Speaking to media persons here after Niti Ayog Governing Council meeting here on Sunday, Naidu said the deaths in truck accident happened because the driver was drunk and he had no licence to drive heavy vehicles. He said Dhanunjaya Naidu and Ramesh Naidu who were involved in sand business have been suspended from the TDP.

Naidu said social media postings should not hurt people and they should not defame anyone. Fair criticism is always taken in right spirit. There should be no obscene postings.  There is no problem with freedom of expression. But one should not indulge in criminal instigation, said Naidu. He reiterated that he was the pioneer in IT industry in AP.

A Core Data Authority is being established with all the details of families on the lines of Aadhar Cards, Naidu said. He also informed that all the Government services would be brought under one App.

Telangana has Hyderabad and Karnataka has Bengaluru. Since there is no such mega city in AP the economic activity is low, he explained. There is deficit of ₹16,000 crore. The Centre had to help. We have requested the PM for the sanction of railway zone.

In per capita income, Andhra Pradesh  is down in the fifth place. The per capita income in AP is ₹ 1,22,376 where it is higher in other Southern States. This is because if the Bifurcation of the State.

We did not ask for special status but wanted special package given, Naidu said. He remarked that there is nothing wrong in learning Hindi. People of other States also should learn South Indian languages.

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