Mend your ways, FP shop dealers told

  • Civil Supplies chief gives them an earful

Hyderabad:A�Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation Commissioner CV Ananad has assured ration shop dealers to solve their problems provided they serve the consumers honestly.A�

Regretting that the performance of many of the dealers was far from satisfaction of the people, the Commissioner said the state government would consider the dealersa�� problems only after getting appreciation from the people.A� Reminding that the issues of rice millers in the state could be sorted out after observing radical changes in their attitude, Anand exhorted the fair price shop dealers to emulate the rice millers and get their problems solved by the government.

Addressing the ration shop dealers in Civil Supplies Corporation Bhavan in Hyderabad on Thursday, Anand categorically stated that the state government would look into their problems only after witnessing change in their attitude and advised the dealers association to mend its membersa�� behavior. Stating that the state government has been implementing Re1-a-kg rice scheme for the welfare of poorer sectionsA�of the society, the Commissioner told the dealers not to misuse the scheme by diverting the rice to the market to make illicit profit.

Responding to the dealersa�� plea for enhancing their commission well before implementing e-pass biometric system, the Commissioner advised them to correct their flaws first and then approach the government.A� The Commissioner also warned that stern action would be taken against those who resort to black-marketing the essential commodities.A�

Stating that his department was receiving many complaints from the public that shops were not being opened as per timings, dealers were not staying in the area, and selling the subsidized rice in open market, Anand said the department was giving a long rope without suspending their licenses and was giving an opportunity to them to rectify their mistakes.A� He asked them to choose between good name and greed. He advised them to maintain goodwill by improving people-friendly relations and become role models for others. He also assured to maintain transparency in selecting dealers and remove fictitious dealers. A�

The Commissioner responded positively to their appeal for setting up electronic weighing machines, printers and introducing biometric system in MLS points and warehouses.A� The dealers also urged the Commissioner to ensure collecting the exact labour charges; weed out fake dealers, who are more in number in Greater Hyderabad jurisdiction and are bringing bad reputation to the dealersa�� community.A� They also appealed to the Commissioner to recognize the dealers as Class IV employees as was being done in Tamil Nadu. A�

The dealers also urged the Commissioner to set right the anomalies being followed in the selection of ration shop dealers.A� They expressed concern over the poor monthly returns of the dealers and informed that a shop serving 400-500 ration card holders, was getting only a monthly income of Rs 3,516 as against an expenditure of Rs 5,250 and requested him to do justice. They said their association would strive to get a good name for all FP shop dealers.


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