Meira Kumar Says Ita��s A War Of Ideology

After the opposition fielded Dalit and senior Congress leader Meira Kumar, the election was hugely seen as a contest between two Dalits, which she condemned saying ita��s a war of ideology and not between Dalits.

New Delhi: As the presidential election is being viewed as an election of Dalit vs Dalit, joint oppositiona��s candidate Meira Kumar said the battle is based on ideology and not caste. She thanked all the parties that backed her for the highest Constitutional post and said that she would launch her campaign from Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat. Though she is yet to file her nomination papers, she appealed to lawmakers to follow their inner conscience while voting.

Saying that there was a storm that two Dalits were pitted against each other for the Presidenta��s post and the true colours of our society are coming out. Earlier though candidates fought for the highest post, their caste or religion was never discussed, she opined. She regretted that today it is being highlighted.A� Her selection by the opposition parties was seen as a counter to the BJP picking a Dalit leader, Kovind. A�More:A�Meira Kumar Thanks Sonia, Other Opposition Leaders

The opposition strategy was to see that key members like Mayawati, who has a large Dalit base, dona��t support Kovind.

The BJP and its allies, along with regional parties who have offered support have over 60 per cent of the vote and Kovind is expected to win the presidential election with ease. A� More:A�Opposition Announces Meira Kumar As Presidential Candidate

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar broke ranks with the opposition bloc to support Kovind, which, Meira Kumar said today, “happens in politics.”

The elections for President will take place on July 17 and the counting of the votes will be on 20th.

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