Meira Kumar Launches Her Campaign From Sabarmati

The joint opposition candidate for Presidential election and former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar launched her campaign from Sabarmati Ashram and spun a charkha there.

Ahmedabad: Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, the Presidential candidate of the joint opposition, began her campaign in Gujarat on Friday. She would be taking on NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind.

Meira announced that she would launch her campaign from Sabarmati, after filing her nomination papers on Wednesday. She also declared that it is not Dalit vs Dalit contest but a war of ideologies. Even the Congress chief reiterated her statement. A� More:A�Dalit President Alone Cana��t Empower Dalits, Adivasis

Launching her campaign, Meira too spun the charkha at the ashram a day after PM Modi spun it.

She also said that Congress-led Opposition represented “the true legacy, thought and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.”

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