Meira Breaks Record In Defeat Too!

Congress candidate broke the record by securing 3.67 votes despite her defeat. The record of a losing candidate till then was 3.63 lakh.

New Delhi: While Ram Nath Kovind created a record by becoming the first BJP President, Opposition candidate Meira Kumar too broke earlier records in her defeat.

The 14th President secured 7.02 lakh votes polled against Meira Kumara��s 3.67 lakh. With this, she broke the five-decade old record of Koka Subba Rao, who had so far held the record of securing the highest number of votes as a defeated candidate in an Indian Presidential election.

Koka Subba Rao was the 9th Chief Justice of India and also served as the Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court.

He had fought as the consensus candidate of the Opposition in 1967 against Congress nominee Zakir Hussain, who won. Zakir Hussain had then got 4.70 lakh votes against 3.63 lakh of Subba Rao.

Since then, all candidates who have lost the Presidential elections have not been able to get more than vote 3.63 lakh votes.

The vote value of Meira Kumar in yesterdaya��s election was 3.67 lakh.

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