Meenaa��s Death: Owner Of Abandoned Borewell Arrested, Released On Bail

The owner of the abandoned borewell in Chenvel was arrested by police; however, he obtained bail in a few hours.

Hyderabad: Days after little girl Meena slipped into an open borewell in Telangana, the State Police arrested Malla Reddy who owns the land for leaving the borewell uncapped. However, Reddy obtained bail within hours of his arrest.

The Cyberabad police had registered a case against Reddy earlier, under Section 336 of the IPC, for endangering the life or personal safety of others. Later, Section 304-A (causing death by negligence) was also added to the list of charges. On Tuesday afternoon, the Chevella police took Reddy into custody.

According to reports, the borewell was an illegal one, and not accounted for by the State government’s Revenue Department.

Reddy is said to have got it dug a year ago, for water, said the police. Though he had covered it earlier, he had reopened it recently, they added.

The borewell is said to be closed with a stone and was only opened ten days before the incident as rains started lashing the area, said police. It was opened to check the water table level. During this time, he lowered a small motor into the hole, along with the pipe and did not cover it after that, police told. As the pipe was thin, the baby fell into it. A�More:A�Little Meena Dies In Borewell

Little Meena fell into the borewell last Thursday while playing with her sister and other children in Chenvel village in Rangareddy district.

The rescue teams slogged to save the baby for three days. Unfortunately, she was dead and her body was brought out on Sunday.

Subsequently, the government directed Collectors of all districts to cap all abandoned borewells to prevent such incidents.

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