Medical Fee Hike by AP Govt. Comes Under Sharp Criticism

The AP Government has increased the fee for the PG medical courses. The increase is three to four times and it is all set to be a greater burden on the people, even the reservation candidates whose financial position is comparatively low

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Government had given a rude shock to the students aspiring to pursue PG medical education from the current academic year.

The government has increased the fee three to four times making it near impossible for several students to think of PG medical and dental education in the state.

The fee for the convenor quota seats, which are allocated on the basis of merit duly following the rule of reservation, too is increased, while the fee of the management quota seats is kept out of reach of the students from the state.

The government had increased the fee of the convener quota seats from the present Rs 3.20 lakh a year to Rs 6.90 lakh.
The fee for the management quota seats was also increased from the present Rs 5.25 lakh to Rs 24.20 lakh. As if this hike is not enough, the government has allowed the private college managements to increase the fee of Category C seats to a whopping Rs 2.16 crore per year.

This would mean the students who secured admission into the PG course under convener quota would have to pay Rs 20.70 lakh, and the management quota students would have to pay Rs 72.20 lakh to complete the course.

The steep hike is seen as denial of PG medical education for the students who come from the weaker sections and those from the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. Even if the seats were allocated on the basis of merit, the students would have to pay this whopping fee, which is not possible in the given poorer financial background of their families.

“It is highly objectionable and condemnable. The present hike has kept the PG medical education out of the reach of the students from the weaker sections. No parent from the SC, ST and BC categories would be able to pay Rs 21 lakh to get PG medical education for the child,” said CPI AP secretary K Ramakrishna.

In an open letter, the CPI leader asked the government to withdraw the fee hike and make it available for the people. He also wanted the government to improve the facilities in all the government hospitals making health available for all the people.

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