Medha Declares Solidarity With Kodandram

TJAC Chairman M Kodandram receives support from unexpected quarters when activist Medha Patkar met him at his home in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Hyderabad: Eminent Social activist who built Narmada Bachao Andolan Medha Patkar had extended support to Professor M Kodandram, Chairman of TJAC, in his struggles against anti-people policies of TRS Government in Telangana. She met the professor at his Tarnaka residence on Sunday. She expressed solidarity with the TJAC in its fight against the Government which is following ‘anti-people’ policies.

Medha Patkar announced that she is going to hold a big rally in Greater Hyderabad to highlight the questions of land acquisition, unemployment and police oppression.

Medha referred to the TRS Government’s refusal of permission to take a rally of the unemployed youth to highlight the question of unemployment. She condemned the oppressive policies pursued by TRS Government

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Kodandaram Starts Amarula Sphoorti Yatra From Sanga Reddy

Aa a mark of remembering martyrs who sacrificed their lives for T statehood, TJAC Chairman Prof.Kodandaram started his first phase of Amarula Sphoorti yatra from Sangareddy on Wednesday

Sangareddy: It looks as though the time has come for KCR to brace for a war of attrition with just two years left for next elections. The TRS may face difficult times if the yatra planned by TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram creates fireworks. The professor appears to have worked out a perfect strategy to highlight false promises made by KCR during T statehood agitation and during the subsequent elections.

Amarula Spoorthi yatra which will end on June 24th at Siddipet is mainly aimed at creating pressure on TRS government to achieve the objectives of Statehood movement.

Kodandaram during this yatra will interact with farmers, artisans and unemployed youth and will try to know their problems’ facing even after T state is formed.

According to Kodandaram, Telangana has many natural resources from which the State can be transformed into a golden one if alternative plans proposed by TJAC are implemented.

Several hundred young men, mostly student, had sacrificed their lives for the cause of Telangana Statehood. Their aspirations are not met in the three years rule of KCR government. Kodandaram will be mainly focusing on unemployment and suicide of farmers.

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Kodandaram To Attack KCR With Rallies

KCR will face tough time in coming days in the form of Kodandaram who is planning Telangana Yatra which will start on 21st of this month.

Hyderabad: It looks as though the time has come for KCR to brace for a war of attrition with just two years left for next elections. The TRS may face difficult times if the yatra planned by TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram creates fireworks. The professor appears to have worked out a perfect strategy to highlight false promises made by KCR during T statehood agitation and during the subsequent elections.

AS a mark of remembering martyrs who sacrificed their lives for T statehood, Kodandaram will start state-wide yatra which will take place between June 21st to 24th as per sources.

This peak agitation against KCR’s government will start from Sanga Reddy and end at Siddipeta. Kodandaram’s main agenda will be jobs for unemployment youth and prevention of farmers’ suicides. He will also question Government about the land scams by TRS party leaders and he will also dilate on corruption.

KCR, who is rattled by Kodandaram will definitely try to suppress the yatra which he did previously during agitation of Dharna Chowk.

KCR knows that Kodandaram is a fighter and his image is intact. It was Kodandaram who took the statehood movement to the final stage after the Centre went back on its decision to concede the demand for a separate state. The decision to divide Andhra Pradesh was announced by P Chidambaram, the then Home Minister on 9 December 2009. After the Congress and TDP MPs and MLAs from Andhra region resigned en masse the Centre had developed cold feet. KCR went back into the silent mode. It was Kodandaram who took up the reins and took the movement to a different level. Of course it was KCR who anointed Kodandaram as president of the Joint Action Committee. The fight entered the last phase. TRS participated in some programmes and kept away from some others. But all the programmes of the movement were decided and executed by Kodandram, Mallepalli Laxmaiah and others.

So, KCR knows that Kodandaram remains the second most popular leader after himself. Kodandaram is not an orator like KCR. He is not politically talented like the chief minister. In the back of KCR’s mind there might be a lurking fear that the professor may become more popular if he was allowed to build a movement against the government. That is perhaps the reason why everyone who was close to Kodandaram has been weaned away by offering positions. Those who got positions because of KCR are more than willing to heap abuses and insults on their master’s bête noire. That has been creating sympathy for the professor which may cause loss of popularity of the chief minister. Add to Kodandaram the leaders of opposition parties who are willing to accept his leadership and work with him. If Kodandaram takes away some of those who were involved in statehood movement and have not been rewarded by the government and the BJP cuts into the BC support base by highlighting KCR’s decision to give 22 percent reservations to Muslims, TRS will be weakened to that extent. That fear might force KCR to use more force than necessary against his opponents.

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Kodandaram: Farmers Turning Into Labourers

TJAC Chairman Prof Kodandaram expressed concern over farmers becoming labourers in Telangana.

Nalgonda: Kodandaram attended as Chief Guest to a meeting organised by district CPI unit in town hall of Nalgonda. Addressing huge crowd, Kodandaram expressed deep concern about the farmers of Telangana state. He said that farmers are becoming labourers in the state. The Government is seeing development with the increase in capital, but true development means, increase in the standards of living and availability of education and health.

Kodandram questioned TRS Government about farmer’s difficulties and asked why they are not becoming rich in the state. He demanded Government to provide all facilities to farmers to get them good income through their farm produce.

He suggested Government to bear hospital and educational expenses of farmers and their family members.

He urged people to question ruling party on poll promises and on implementation of schemes for the development of the Telangana.

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Dharna Chowk Dharna: Inspector Sridevi Caught On Camera

A police inspector in civil dress who posed as a local person demanding shifting of Dharna Chowk from Indira Park has shifted to police uniform and was caught by media camera embarrassing the Government and her department

Hyderabad: Call by opposition parties” Capture Dharna Chowk” on May 15 turned violent with police lathicharge and arrests of leaders near Indira Park. For the first time, local people came out with a slogan supporting the Government’s decision to shift Dharna Chowk. But it was a programme planned by T government as claimed by oppopstion parties, particularly by TJAC Chairman Kodandaram.

Adding strength to his comments, here is a picture which proves that police in civil dressed posed as locals with placards demanding shifting of Dharna Chowk.

Picture of local Inspector Sridevi in civil dress holding play card in the morning and wearing police uniform in the afternoon is going viral in social media now. But Sridevi’s version is different. As per Sridevi, she took the placard to control the disruptive situation and media with enthusiasim took the photo shot of it.

But no one is prepared to believe her and sridevi is also ready to face any kind of trail from department. She has since been punished by her department by a transfer.

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2K Run For Dharna Chowk: Kodandaram, Others Arrested

Hyderabad: TJAC chairman Professor Kodandaram and many leaders of the Left parties were arrested here on Sunday morning when they tried to take out a procession from Sundarayya Vignyana Kendram (SVK). The proposed 2K run from SVK to Indira Park was in protest against the decision of TRS government to shift Dharna Chowk from Indira Park to Nagole or some other far away place in the outskirts of the city. The 2K run call was given by ‘Dharna Chowk Preservation Committee’. Along with Kodandaram and the Left party leaders, about 500 persons were taken into custody by the police. The surroundings of Indira Park resembled a battle field with the police present in full force.

Professor Kodandaram told the media after the police set him free that it is only the first direct action programme and it will be followed up by a number of programmes. He said the struggle will continue till the government rescinds and restores Dharna Chowk for the common people to express protest and discontent. It is the fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution and it cannot be abrogated by using brute force that is available with the government, he said.

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People Centric Development Needed: Kodandaram

Hyderabad: TJAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram today exhorted the people’s representatives to act responsibly for the people-centered development.

The TJAC Steering Committee meeting was held on “unemployment rally — aftermath developments” here on Sunday and passed several resolutions.

After the meeting, Prof. Kodandaram told the media that there was a need for the State government to change its attitude towards people.

Alleging that the State government has not yet announced its action plan on solving the unemployment problem in the State, Prof. Kodandaram made it clear that the TJAC demands were same as earlier. (NSS)

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Rebels Attack Kodandram, Call Him A Dictator

Hyderabad: Alleging that TJAC Chairman Prof M Kodandaram insulted her, TJAC former leader Thanveer Sultana, with tears in eyes, announced that she was tendering her resignation to the TJAC’s co-convenor post.

Speaking to the media here today, along with other JAC rebel leaders Pittala Ravinder and Nallapu Prahlad, Sultana said Prof. Kodandaram remains in the post because of all JAC activists. Wondering who will stay in the JAC when leaders like her were pulled up by Kodandaram, Sultana said no leader, who makes women cry, will last long”, she said.

Lashing out at Prof. Kodandaram, Prahlad alleged that the former was functioning unilaterally. “We are dubbed as government agents when we questioned Prof. Kodandaram”, he said, adding that he was in Telangana movement since 1996. He alleged that Prof. Kodandaram was leaking the decisions to the media even before discussing them in the JAC. He asked Kodandaram how he could share dais with those who stoutly opposed formation of Telangana State. He asked how far it was justifiable to Kodandaram, who says he was against politics, to engineer agitations along with political parties.

Thanveer Sultana said there was no priority to women in the JAC. Some leaders in the JAC do not respect women at all. She said she was constrained to tender resignation to her JAC post in protest against the dictatorial attitude of Kodandaram.

Pittala Ravinder said when he suggested some amendments to the JAC objectives in 2014, conspiracies to remove him from the JAC began. He also alleged that Prof. Kodandaram insulted the spirit of Telangana movement. He warned Kodandaram that he would remain in the history as a destroyer of Telangana society if he failed to mend his dictatorial attitude. Pittala asked Prof. Kodandaram whether he met AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi or not. He also alleged that Kodandaram was moving with his personal agenda as that of JAC agenda. Prof. Kodandaram was inciting students to participate in the unemployment rally. (NSS)

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Fissures Suddenly Surface In TJAC: Is KCR At It?

Hyderabad: After decimating the Opposition parties in the state,  is Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao now diligently moving his pawns to crush the TJAC headed by Prof. M. Kodandaram from emerging as an alternative political adversary in the State ?  This question is gaining importance in political circles following the sudden fissures surfacing in the TJAC.

It is pertinent to note here that the State administration ensured that the “Unemployment Rally” in the city called by Prof. Kodandaram is foiled by using the police machinery to not only arrest Prof. Kodandaram but also scores of other leaders in the wee hours of the day the rally was to take place defying the court and police ban orders.

Interestingly on the eve of the proposed rally,  TRS leaders including Peddapally MP Balka Suman, who supported and praised Kodandaram to the hilt and responded to his numerous agitation programmes during the thick of the separate Telangana movement, suddenly trained their guns on him for raising his voice against the failure of KCR and TRS government in fulfilling the promise made to the youth to fill up job vacancies in the State.

What is more,  the same TRS cadre and the leaders of various employees organizations which participated in numerous dharnas, rail rokos and the million march on the call given by TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram and even courted arrest, had now changed tunes after the formation of Telangana State and TRS taking the reins of the State administration. Like the friends turning bitter foes, the TRS leaders are now taking cudgels against TJAC and Kodandaram for exposing the government’s failures in various aspects.

The TRS and employees JAC  leaders who had criticized the erstwhile Congress government for using the police force to crush the Telangana movement, have unhesitatingly employed the same  “brutal force” to foil the unemployed rally recently. As a matter of fact the state administration and the police authorities have even described the students and youth, who had earlier participated in numerous agitations, as extremists and anti-social elements

 As if not content with making Kodandaram’s unemployment rally an “utter flop”, now efforts seem to be on to split the TJAC by discrediting Kodandaram and his policies. The Opposition parties, especially the Congress and TDP, which have lost credibility and have virtually become spent forces after KCR’s “Operation Akarshan”, have extended support to Kodandaram’s call for unemployment rally. Thus TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram had suddenly emerged as a powerful force to reckon with to take on TRS and KCR.

After having decimated the Opposition with his “Operation Akarshan”, the Chief Minister had undoubtedly become a power and undisputed political force in the State. But to his chagrin, he seems to have realized that the TJAC under the leadership of Kodandaram has become a new thorn in his flesh. With other already weakened Opposition parties rallying round Kodandaram, KCR seemed to have set in motion another operation to checkmate Kodandaram and TJAC from becoming his political nemesis.

This is clearly evident from the sudden fissures surfacing in the TJAC  when Pittala Ravinder and two other leaders of the TJAC launched a broadside against Kodandaram and accused him of “feudal mentality”. They even questioned him as to what sacrifices he had made for the cause of separate Telangana and reminded him that they had gifted him the  post of Chairman of TJAC. Thus the sudden outburst of these leaders against Kodandaram only speaks of a “hidden hand” triggering the fissures in TJAC. (NSS)

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  1. Haarika says:

    I already told in your previous report that KCR is a seasoned politician.He knows how to handle these type of hypes created by media

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KCR Worried About Kodandaram Launching A Political Party?

Hyderabad: TRS, a party with a strangle hold on Telangana State. is facing tough task after about 3 years in office. It is seriously grappling with the issue of Prof Kodandaram. All these days  went on smoothly for the ruling party without much pressure from opposition parties. There has been no political agitation worthy of taking cognisance. CM also tried to woo the voters with schemes like double bed room, farmers’ loan waiver, new projects etc. He is now forced to appoint chairmen to various corporations which he did not take seriously till now.

But things look different from now, with a span of 24 months left for next general elections, anti-incumbency is slowly creeping against ruling party from different sections of people. Anti-government sentiment was taken to a new high by Prof Kodandaram, TJAC President.

TRS leaders took Kodandaram lightly. After getting reports from IB, about the raise in anti-government sentiment on ground level, the establishment has started to cut TJAC into pieces. bY pulling out key leader Pittala Ravinder from Kodandaram fold.

TRS is now using the newly acquired weapon, in the form of Pittala Ravinder, against Prof. Kodandaram. In addition to this, Ravinder wrote a letter to TJAC questioning the desire of launching political party. Senior advocate Prahlad and Tanvir joined hands with Ravinder( Both were in key posts of TJAC prior to this) criticising Kodandaram  for talking of a political party like AAP while being the TJAC’s Chairman.

He has no respect for women, treated dalits and weaker sections as his slaves, behaves like a monarch insisting that all should work for him, they alleged.

‘You have enjoyed government job and now receiving pension, but for T state you did not sacrifice anything,’ the rebel leaders alleged in an open letter to the professor. They felt there should be a replacement for Kodandaram as TJAC Chairman.

Scenario is now clear. TRS leaders, along with KCR, are worried about growing strength of Kodandram at grassroot level. According to sources, senior leaders from Congress, TDP and BJP may move towards Kodandaram if a new political party takes birth after June 2nd.

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  1. Haarika says:

    Kcr is in politics from so many years.He knows how to handle it.All this is media hype.Media doesn’t know the ground realities.They only sit in AC rooms and comment.

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TRS Whips Slam Jaipal, Kodandaram For Vilification Campaign

Hyderabad: Expressing surprise over the allegations made by former Union Minister S Jaipal Reddy against Telangana movement and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Government Chief Whip Koppula Eshwar and Council Whip Bodakunti Venkateshwarlu on Tuesday deplored that Jaipal Reddy was speaking like a street leader unmindful of his political stature.

Speaking to mediapersons here on Tuesday, Eshwar and Venkateshwarlu dubbed the ongoing Congress party’s “Jana Avedana Sammelans” as unemployed Congress leaders’ avedana meetings. They said the Congress leaders were raising irrelevant issues as they have nothing to talk about welfare and development programs in the State. “We are leaving Jaipal Reddy’s remarks to his wisdom”, they said. They also asked Jaipal Reddy whether he ever discussed with AICC Chief Sonia Gandhi on Telangana issue and wondered as to why he was speaking about Telangana movement now even as the separate State came into being 33 months ago.

They said while the entire nation was praising Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his thought provoking unique programs for welfare of people and development of the infant State, the panic-stricken Congress leaders were talking rubbish fearing they would not even save their deposits in the ensuing 2019 elections. They also advised former minister D K Aruna not to indulge in loose talk out of frustration.

Stating that the process of filling vacant posts in the State was in brisk pace, Koppula and Bodakunti charged Telangana JAC leaders with spreading misinformation at the behest of Congress leaders, they asserted that the State government has already filled 28,000 posts. They also deplored that TJAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram was speaking ill of the State government by joining hands with the power-hungry Congress and TDP leaders. (NSS)

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KCR Divides TJAC To Undo A Stubborn Kodandaram

Hyderabad: More the Telangana government tries to suppress the movement sought to be built by Professor M Kodandaram the greater appears to be the force with which it would rebounce. The government was successful in weaning away Pittala Ravindra,  a TJAC convener,  who was not seen in action since Wednesday. He was absent at the press conference addressed by Kodandaram at his residence on Thursday morning.

Pittala Ravindra has been on the side of Kodandaram for the last one year in all most all the activities. He has a chequered past shrouded in controversies. It is understood that KCR had employed his finance minister Etala Rajendra to wean Pittala away from the professor. The only senior and respected activist who continues to sail with Kodandaram is K Raghu, a powerful electricity employees union leader. There have been threats aimed at silencing Raghu but being a person of principles he remained steady with Kodandaram.  Why is KCR bent on crushing Kodandaram? Why could he not allow TJAC to hold a rally of the unemployed? Why has the CM taken the issue so seriously?

It is true that many of the leaders of TJAC who participated in separate Statehood movement have been accommodated by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) in the cabinet and positions outside the government. But he could not reconcile with the professor whom he anointed as chairman of the TJAC on 21 December 2009 at the suggestion of Prof Jayashankar. Kodandram proved to be a hard nut to crack. He refused to accompany KCR when the latter met the Group of Ministers headed by the then Defence Minister AK Antony. The executive committee of the TJAC had resolved that its chairman should remain equidistant from both the TRS and the Congress. That was when KCR was upset with the attitude of the professor.

Kodandaram did not want to contest the election. KCR did not insist on his contesting. After elections, KCR did not offer any position to Kodandaram nor did the latter ask for one.

Being a rights activist for many decades, Kodandaram naturally took to the fighting ways. He fought on behalf of the prospective victims of Mallanna Sagar protect. He also took up the cause of the unemployed. Employment was one of the three core issues that the separate Statehood movement was based upon. The other two issues were water and funds. KCR promised to create more than a lakh jobs but could not provide jobs to many. The youth has been feeling frustrated. They were organised by TJAC.

The Congress leaders who thronged to Kodandaram when he observed half-day fast, were conspicuous by their absence on Wednesday. They are worried about the growing popularity of the professor. The CPM activists were seen in action. Other opposition parties had kept themselves away from the rally.

KCR has been using ministers and party leaders to rile Kodandaram continuously. Suman, a young Dalit MP, has been very harsh in his criticism of his former teacher because of political compulsions. Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy and government chief whip Palla Rajeswara Reddy were vociferous in their criticism of Kodandaram.

Whatever the leaders in government may say, Kodandaram’s credibility is intact and his popularity is on the increase. The more criticism the ruling party heaps on him the stronger he would emerge. He is sure to launch a political party. As a preparatory exercise, Kodandaram is going to organise a big conference on June 2, Telangana formation day.

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  1. Padmaja says:

    When HC has given permission to conduct the rally on the outskirts of the city why he has not conducted and defied the HC.This shows his sincerity.Any one who breaks the law will be naturally punished.By aligning with communists parties he lost his credibility. 10 years of students life is wasted during Telangana protests. After 3 years of calmness again started this nonsense.Instead of doing all these unnecessary things he should give suggestions and solutions for unemployment. If he is not have any solutions he has no right to disturb.People became smart these day.Donot underestimate them.They know everything.

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A tale of two States: Same problems, same approach


Madhusudhana Rao S

When Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao and Nara Chandrababu Naidu became chief ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh respectively in 2014, people and politicians saw one thing in common between the two: ‘Chandra,’ means moon, in their names. At that time admirers of both leaders were punning that it was moonshine moment for the two Telugu States after bifurcation.  

Two years later, the same admirers and detractors see more things in common to both than a part of the name as far as their approach to problems is concerned. Besides the usual rough and tumble of politics, both chief ministers have been facing piquant situations that have arisen out of the promises made during their respective State Assembly elections.

There is nothing unusual in poll promises. Every political party and leader, including the prime minister and top party bosses, make dozens of promises to people to win their votes. But after coming to power, how many political leaders have honoured the pledges is anybody’s guess. In fact, these promises would be made on the spur of the moment. There were instances where regional leaders laid foundation stones for so many projects that stood the test of time and political change without ever seeing any project coming up.

Voters know that what leaders say during the heat of the poll moment are nothing but empty promises and pin little hope on them. But for opposition leaders, the poll promises are potent weapons to target the ruling party and the government. The strategy helps rivals regain their lost support and remind the people how the elected government is failing them with a clear message how the ruling party had made promises without committing itself to fulfill them later. In other words, endearing assurances given during electioneering can become a millstone around the leader’s neck when he comes to power.

The ongoing agitation in Telangana for jobs is an example. Spearheaded by Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman Prof Kodandaram, it has been campaigning for jobs to lakhs of youths in the State. In fact, the very basis of the movement for separate Telangana was to correct the bias in providing jobs to local youths. Having achieved separate statehood, if Telangana’s youth population remains jobless, the spirit of the movement was defeated. That’s TJAC’s refrain.  Clearly, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) that came to power on the promise of removing unemployment is unable to fulfill it and its response to opposition demand and that of Kodandaram is either evasive or lukewarm.

Pointing out the failure of TRS government on the job front, Kodandaram has said: “We are not pressing for any new demands but implement what theTelangana State government had promised in 2014. They said 1.07 lakh posts were vacant in various departments and we are demanding them only. But till now, the government recruited candidates for only 5000 posts and filling of 15,000 posts was in the process. We are demanding that the State Government release employment notification for unemployed youth below Intermediate and create self-employment programmes. Provide reservations in private sector, encourage small scale industries which can create employment for Intermediate, ITI, Polytechnic students.”

The proposed February 22 rally for jobs –which was foiled by Hyderabad police by detaining hundreds of volunteers and TJAC leaders in pre-dawn swoops citing law and order problem and permission was not granted to hold it near Indira Park – was aimed at galvanizing the public opinion about a serious problem. By creating hurdles to hold such a meeting or a rally, the KCR government has suppressed the democratic right of people to express their opinion. When Kodandaram had assured that the rally would be peaceful and organized in a democratic manner, the authorities have to give a try with adequate security arrangements. Telling him to hold the meet on the outskirts of the city, ostensibly not to inconvenience the public, on the eve of the rally was to debilitate the movement. The authorities could have succeeded in stopping the rally for the time being but they can’t push the issue under the carpet and heave a sigh of relief.

In the other Telugu State, Chandrababu Naidu has two totally different issues with roots in poll promises. One is, reservations for the Kapu community and Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh. The latter was, of course, BJP’s assurance but repeated ad nauseam to strengthen the TDP-BJP position in AP. While Chandrababu takes umbrage under a special fund set up for Kapu welfare and a special package in lieu of special status, both are hot potatoes for the ruling party and the government to handle. In the 2019 State Assembly elections, both the issues may blow up in TDP face. But, for the time being, both the agitations were suppressed by force by police.

Ironically, taking a cue from TJAC’s stir, the TDP government has announced that it is planning to give allowance to unemployed youth in AP. The ‘dole for jobless’ scheme is likely to be made public during the budget session in March. It is expected to set aside a Rs1000 crore corpus fund to dole out Rs2000 a month to those without a job for 5 years and registered with an Employment Exchange. In a way, the AP Government seems to have pre-empted an agitation similar to that of TJAC’s. Incidentally, providing jobs to the burgeoning educated youth population was one of TDP’s poll promises.

There lies a lesson for political parties of all hues: Don’t take people for granted and make empty promises to win votes. Hyperactive social media and ever increasing vigilantism and a power-hungry opposition can frustrate the ruling party’s efforts to mollify sections of people. The current unrest/agitations in the Telugu States prove that point.

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Kodandaram Released, TRS Attacks Him

Hyderabad: Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman Professor M Kodandaram and Coordinator and Electricity JAC leader K Raghu were released and dropped at the former’ residence in Tarnaka at 8.30 pm on Wednesday. Kodandaram demanded that all those who were arrested in connection with the rally have to be set free forthwith. He thanked the people for making the rally a success.

Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy flayed Kodandaram for provoking the student community. He alleged that there are proxies behind Kodandaram. He claimed that the government had given 35,000 jobs. He said he failed to understand why Telangana persons should conspire against the government which is the result of statehood movement.

Palla Rajeswara Reddy also found fault with Kodandaram for trying to take out a rally of the unemployed at a time when the government is doing everything possible to implement the promise. He said no opposition party has supported TJAC rally. Majority of the student associations have stayed away from the rally. Reddy said the government is doing its job of keeping law and order and Kodandaram and others were taken in to preventive custody.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao who returned to Hyderabad after offering expensive gold ornaments to Lord Balaji at Tirumala chose not to comment on the day’s developments back home.

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Jagan Joins Hands With Kodandaram

Vijayawada: YSRCP President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy joined the path of Prof Kodandaram by coming against the government by taking up the issue of the unemployed youth.

Jagan in an open letter to AP CM Chandra Babu reminded his election promise of one job to one family. He also added in the letter about the stipend promise of RS 2000 to every unemployed youth per month until he gets a job.

Jagan demanded Government to solve this issue as soon as possible which has been pending for the past 33 months.

Jagan recently held ‘Yuva Bheri’ in Guntur which was successful with youth mobilising a large crowd breaking the hurdles created by the State government. Unemployed youth raised their voice against CM and submitted a letter to opposition leader explaining the problems they are facing. They requested Jagan to raise the issue in the UP coming Budget session of the Assembly.

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TJAC in a fix as HC permits ‘jobless rally’ on city outskirts

Hyderabad: The TJAC’s proposed “Unemployed Youths Rally” scheduled for Wednesday continues to be in a limbo with the High Court granting conditional permission for the organizers to hold the rally from 11 am to 3pm at Nagole Metro Rail Grounds on the city outskirts.

The High Court, while hearing a petition of Telangana Vidhyavanthula  Vedika, one of the wings of TJAC  headed by Prof. Kodandaram, on Monday wanted the organizers of the rally to inform by Tuesday to a suggestion to postpone the rally from February 22 to February 26 (from Wednesday to Sunday) besides shifting the venue from the city. The High Court was approached by the petitioners after the police refused permission for holding the rally on the plea that it was bound to trigger a law and order problem.

The TJAC Steering Committee, along with various students and youth organizations, deliberated the same at the residence of Prof. Kodandaram when it was felt that there was no point in postponing the rally to another date. Instead as a compromise, the TJAC wanted permission for organizing the rally either on the Osmania University Campus or in the Nizam College grounds and the same was intimated to the court. The court then advised the organizers to file a fresh application to the police for permission and directed the police authorities to convey the decision by 3.30 pm today. The TJAC accordingly applied to the East Zone police authorities for necessary permission for holding the rally on OU Campus or Nizam College Grounds.

However, the OU Vice-Chancellor reportedly refused to permit any rally either on the OU campus or in the Nizam College grounds and hence the East Zone Police authorities refused permission to the TJAC for the rally and accordingly the High Court was informed. Thereupon, the petition filed in the High Court was withdrawn. The court then announced its order granting conditional permission for holding the rally. As per the court order, the TJAC is permitted to hold the rally at the Metro Rail grounds in Nagole on the outskirts of the city from 11 am to 3 pm.

The TJAC steering committee along with various units of the students and other organizations besides senior leaders, were in a huddle discussing the next move in the wake of the High Court order. The organizers were in a fix as to whether they should abide by the court order and hold the rally on the outskirts of the city. It is learnt that some student and youth leaders were adamant in holding the rally within the city limits as messages had already been sent to various organizations all over the State in this regard and hence the very purpose of the rally would have no impact if the same was held on the city outskirts. –NSS

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High Court to decide on TJAC rally on Tuesday

  • Proposed event stirs political controversy

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad High Court has postponed the verdict on the petition filed by Telangana JAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram seeking permission to organize Nirudyoga Rally on February 22 near Indira Park, to Tuesday.

During the hearing, on Monday, the petitioner argued that they approached the court as the police failed to respond to their plea for permission. The court questioned the police as to why they failed to respond to JAC’s plea though they had been asking for permission to organise a rally for the last 20 days. The court directed the police to tell their decision before 4 pm on Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, the police approached the JAC leaders and suggested to them to change the venue and select an alternative venue for the rally. During the hearing, Kodandaram’s counsel argued that problems will arise in gathering the people in case if they changed the venue and informed the court that they were already making arrangements at Indira Park for the meeting. He urged the court to give permission to organise the rally at Indira Park on the proposed day. 

The police counsel argued that traffic problems will arise in case they give permission to JAC to organise the rally at Indira Park as the venue is at the centre of the city. The employees of various offices and students will face problems if permission is given to the rally at Indira Park.

Reacting to it, the court asked the JAC counsel to tell if there was any problem if the rally was organised on Sunday at a different place instead of Wednesday at Indira Park. In response, the JAC counsel said he will tell their decision after thinking about it. Then the court postponed the hearing to Tuesday.

Jeevan’s poser to KCR

Meanwhile, speaking at the Assembly Media Hall,  the Congress Legislature Party deputy leader T Jeevan Reddy said it was not proper for the State government to deny permission for the Nirudyoga Rally proposed to be held on February 22. He questioned the government whether the State was under monarchy or under democratic rule. Slamming the State government for denying permission to the Nirudyoga Rally, Jeevan Reddy asked whether the organizers should go to the court to get permission to organise the rally. 

Jeevan Reddy reminded that previous Congress government functioned in a democratic manner even when separate Telangana movement was in peak stage by giving permissions to all rallies respecting democratic system. “KCR has to remember those days as to how the then Congress government behaved in a democratic manner”, he said.  He also warned the State government to own the responsibility in case any untoward incident takes place if the government denies permission to the rally.

Samajika Telangana opposes  rally

In a related development, Samajika Telangana JAC chairman Gali Vinod Kumar has condemned TJAC chairman Kodandaram’s proposed Jobless youth rally on Wednesday. He said Kodandaram never raised “social justice”  in Telangana and never demanded increase in reservations for SC, ST, BC and Minorities as per their population. He also pointed out that Kodandaram never criticized Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for not appointing a Dalit as CM as promised.

Vinod Kumar said the Bahujans are totally against the February 22 rally because Kodandaram’s community people are backing the movement with an eye on 2019 elections and wanted to make their community leader as CM of Telangana.

He appealed to the unemployed people and Kodandaram’s supporters not to back the movement which was meant to help make their community leader as CM of Telangana. “We are planning to form Bahujana Rajyadhikara Party (BRP) on March 15 and balladeer Gaddar, Vimalakka, Cheruku Sudhakar and others will be participating in the event. Our party’s main agenda is social justice in Telangana State, make BC community leader as CM”, he added.  

Palla’s outburst

Meanwhile, TRS MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy has alleged that Kodandaram was trying to provoke the unemployed youth by touring the entire State for the last 15 days in the name of Nirudyoga Rally. He alleged that Kodandaram was making false statements and speaking differently everyday on creation of employment. He asked the unemployed youth not to fall in the trap of Kodandaram and claimed that the forces, which were against during Telangana movement were extending their support to the JAC’s proposed rally. –NSS

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Kodandaram for new political party in State

Hyderabad: “We must float a political party if the occasion comes and need arises for the launch of a political party”, Telangana JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram said on Friday.

Participating in the Meet-the-Press programme organized by the Telangana Journalists JAC here, Kodandaram opined that the society was in need of value-based political party and said the JAC will wage a fight for the sake of alternative political values. He made it clear that the JAC will continue even if they launched a political party. He said unemployed youth will be affected severely with the abolition of zonal system. There was a need to amend the zonal system and various problems will arise if the zonal system was abolished, he said.

He said the JAC will organise an unemployed youth rally in a peaceful manner on February 22.  He cautioned the unemployed youth saying that there was no need to get emotional during the rally because some people were ready to blame the JAC by creating disturbances leading to police firing. He urged the unemployed youth to extend their cooperation to organise the proposed rally peacefully. He expressed the hope that JAC will organise a rally in a manner the nation would feel proud. He said that the JAC was moving on the lines of Acharya Jayashankar and Balagopal’s path.

Kodandaram said that there were more than one lakh vacant jobs in the State and demanded the State government to fill them immediately. He explained that there were more than 50,000 vacant positions in public sector firms. He suggested the State government to implement the calendar for the fulfillment of the jobs. –NSS

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Cong resents TRS tirade against Kodandaram

Hyderabad: Taking a serious exception to the TRS party attacking Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof. M Kodandaram psychologically, the Congress said Prof. Kodandaram has been questioning the State Government only on the assurances made by it and not on new issues.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Tuesday along with party leader Bellaiah Naik, TPCC vice-president Mallu Ravi said it was not proper to indulge in psychological attack on Kodandaram instead of giving answers to his questions. The TRS leaders, who warned Andhra leaders for criticizing Kodandaram, were now criticizing Kodandaram in an undemocratic manner. He said the government was surprised over Prof. Kodandaram’s posers like Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was ruling the State as a dictator.

TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy called upon party cadre to celebrate Congress party Foundation Day on December 28 in all constituencies in the State on a grand scale. In a statement, he said the party flag hoisting programme will be held in Gandhi Bhavan along with Blood Donation Camp. –NSS

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Suman calls Kodandaram Congress agent

Hyderabad: TRS MP Balka Suman has alleged that Telangana Political JAC chairman Prof Kodandaram has turned into an agent of the Congress party.

Speaking to the media at the TRSLP office on the Assembly premises on Monday, the TRS MP warned Prof Kodandaram not to let loose his tongue and talk with conscious mind. Otherwise, the TRS cadre would not keep silent and would teach him a fitting lesson. He said if he (Kodandaram) tried to malign the image of the party intentionally and fails to mend his hostile attitude towards the ruling party, the latter has to face dire consequences.

Pointing out that Prof Kodandaram never spoke when seven mandals of Khammam district were merged with Andhra Pradesh, Suman alleged that the TPJAC chief was trying to create hurdles in the ongoing irrigation projects at the behest of the opposition parties. The MP questioned as to why Kodandaram was talking in favour of Congress and criticizing the ruling party? Suman made it clear that they are ready to accept his constructive suggestions, but there will be no question of a compromise if he lambasts the TRS.

The TRS MP asked how Prof. Kodandaram could criticize the ruling party which was elected by people’s support. Suman said the TRS leadership was giving top priority to those who worked for the party during the agitation and no injustice had been done to anybody. Advising Prof. Kondandaram to shun mud-slinging against the State Government, Suman accused the former of acting as Congress mercenary.

Once Kodandaram addressed the people from the tents put up by the TRS in support of Telangana agitation, but now he has reversed his stand and been flaying the government to give a re-birth to the Congress party, Suman added. –NSS

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Kodandaram distorting TS history: Suman

Hyderabad: TRS MP Suman took objection to JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram’s remark that Telangana was achieved due to sacrifices made by by the students alone.

Addressing the media here on Saturday, Suman alleged that Prof. Kodandaram was trying to distort the history of the statehood movement. TRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao made Prof. Kodandaram as Telangana Joint Action Committee Chairman for the cause of statehood. Therefore, it is wrong on the part of Prof. Kodandaram for attributing the statehood to just students’ role. He also pointed out that KCR transformed many students as leaders and “I became an MP”, he claimed.

Suman hastened to add that all sections of people supported the statehood movement followed by the protracted struggle by KCR and his team of people resulted in the formation of the new state.”

Suman also found fault with the Telangana Telugu Desam working president Revanth Reddy for making remarks against IT Minister KT Rama Rao for taking selfies. Taking selfies was not wrong as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu are also taking selfies, he said. Revanth should tell what development works he got completed so far in his Kodangal constituency. –NSS

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