Mayor to work for a�?beggar-freea�� Hyderabad

Hyderabad: GHMC Mayor Bonthu Rammohan has said that he will take measures to weed out fake beggars inA�HyderabadA�City. During a visit to an orphanage at Choutuppal in Yadadri-Bhongir district on Wednesday,A� Rammohan released a�?Beggar Free Hyderabada�� pamphlets. The mayor said that there were 10,000 beggars inA�HyderabadA�City. ButA�only some of them are real, he said, and alleged that a huge business is going on in the name of beggars inA�Hyderabad. There are drug sellers and eve-teasers masquerading as beggars, he stated. He lamented that there were incidents whereA�the beggars mafiaA�had injected narcotics to children to make them beg. He said that the GHMC will rehabilitate real beggars and fake beggars will be sent to their native places.

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